You can’t blame Trump for the January 6th riots and election lies. He just “followed the internet”.

Before ThursdayI felt that the January 6 committee hearing exposed former President Donald Trump as a perversely corrupt egoist who was willing to sacrifice democracy and the votes of millions of Americans to stay in power.

But something new has surfaced from last hearingin which former senior Republican officials who served in Trump’s Justice Department gave specific and detailed testimonies about how the former president pushed the department to corroborate his allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, drawing on his own contemporary notesrecalled a meeting in which Justice Department officials debunked a series of voter fraud conspiracy theories, prompting Trump to say, “You guys may not be following the internet the way I do.”

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“Leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen”

Wow. It’s not something I’ve considered before. Yes, more than a dozen Republicans who served in the Trump administration testified under oath to the committee that there was no evidence that the election was stolen in any way. On the other hand, perhaps the former president watched the Internet more diligently than all these people, and thus knew something that those who watched the Internet more poorly did not know.

Richard Donoghue, a former acting deputy attorney general, says he told President Donald Trump that the Justice Department can’t meddle in state elections.

This explains why, as Donoghue recalled in his testimony, Trump told him that the Justice Department should “just say it’s corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.”

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Without knowing about the man from Mar-a-Lago with the ability to spy on the internet, this quote might sound like the most powerful man in the world telling US government law enforcement to come up with some bullshit to give him and his boring … witty crooks of Congress cover themselves with lies and theft of election results.

President Donald Trump And Republican Senate Leaders In 2019.President Donald Trump And Republican Senate Leaders In 2019.

President Donald Trump and Republican Senate leaders in 2019.

But it is clear that this was not the case. Trump’s insatiable appetite for online knowledge must have led him to learn what everyone else lacked. It’s like a time when I knew next to nothing about the High Frequency Aurora Borealis Active Research Program in Alaska being a mind control device and then i read on the internet and found out that it was definitely a mind control device, and not a research center studying the “properties and behavior of the ionosphere”, as program website you would believe.

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I “followed the Internet” and it helped me “get to the bottom of the truth,” so the fact that these guys from the Justice Department did not follow the Internet, as Trump does, raises some pretty serious questions about their testimony. I mean, if the internet says something is real, then who are we supposed to interrogate? Without the Internet, I would never have met my Nigerian friend who was once a prince and was able to help him with his legal bills by sending him my bank account and social security numbers.

“Pure madness” – or was it?

Witnesses at Thursday’s hearing testified to what became known as “ItalyGate”, a belief based on social media videos that an Italian defense contractor used satellites to change Trump’s votes to Biden’s.

Really makes you not think, doesn’t it?

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That Internet theory that Donoghue called “pure madness” and former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified ”was debunked”, passed through the Department of Justice, and then to the Department of Defense. There, according to testimony, then Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller called an official in Italy and asked for an investigation.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, D-Illinois, Speaks At Committee Hearing January 6-June 23, 2022.Representative Adam Kinzinger, D-Illinois, Speaks At Committee Hearing January 6-June 23, 2022.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, D-Illinois, speaks at committee hearing January 6-June 23, 2022.

Jan. 6 House Committee Member Adam Kinzinger, D-Illinois, said, “This is one of the best examples of what President Trump is willing to go to to stay in office. scours the internet to support his conspiracy theories“.

Sincerely, Rep. Kinzinger, Donald Trump did not do “internet intelligence.” He “did his own research,” and those of us who have gargled with horse deworming to prevent COVID-19 and have only been hospitalized 11 times know that this is a smart way to find the TRUTH.

I’m sorry, just in case

On Thursday, we also learned that a number of Republican members of Congress were so convinced that the former president was watching the Internet that they asked for forgiveness in connection with their attempts to cancel the elections before he leaves office.

Former aides to the president testified that Trump played with a “full pardon” for everyone involved in activities leading up to January 6, 2021. an email about this on Jan 11 from rep Mo Brooks, R-Ala., was shown in court. In it, Brooks sought clemency for “every congressman and senator who voted to reject Electoral College representations from Arizona and Pennsylvania.”

Stephen Engel, Jeffrey Rosen And Richard Donoghue (Left To Right) Are Sworn In On June 23, 2022 Before Testifying Before A Committee Investigating The January 6, 2021 Us Capitol Attack.Stephen Engel, Jeffrey Rosen And Richard Donoghue (Left To Right) Are Sworn In On June 23, 2022 Before Testifying Before A Committee Investigating The January 6, 2021 Us Capitol Attack.

Stephen Engel, Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue (left to right) are sworn in on June 23, 2022 before testifying before a committee investigating the January 6, 2021 US Capitol attack.

If you follow the internet a bit, you’ll see lewd suggestions that anyone who seeks pardon must know they’ve done something illegal.

But if you’re a more dedicated internet follower like me or former President Trump, you’ll find things like this tweet which I posted on Thursday: “Hey, who among us hasn’t been involved in some kind of light upheaval at various times in our lives?”

You just can’t blame Trump for telling millions and millions of Americans that the election was stolen and that they should immediately send him the money they don’t have. Neither you can blame Brooks, or Rep. Matt Goetz, or Rep. Louis Gomert, or Rep. Scott Perry, or Rep. Andy Biggs for seeking a coup-related pardon for a coup they certainly didn’t do.

They’re watching the internet, guys. If you can’t trust it, what can you trust?

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