“Will take a lot of courage from the way they played”: Australia captain Wiebgen inspired by seniors ahead of India vs U-19 World Cup final

Ahead of the Under-19 Cricket World Cup final against India at Willowmoor on Sunday, Australia captain Hugh Wiebgen said the team will take inspiration from their senior counterparts, who triumphed over the Asian giants in the finals of the ICC World Test Championship and ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. . Last year's World Cup. Australia has faced many difficulties, which have helped the team prepare for the battle ahead of the final encounter. Ultimately, the result will go in favor of the team that keeps its composure during the big final.

Before the final, Wiebgen said that the way his seniors played against Team India will give the team a lot of courage, but they will also stick to what has given them the right results. “The way they played gives us a lot of courage,” he said. It is very inspiring to see them win. But we will just try to stick to it and do what we are doing well, repeat some of the things that are working for us,” said the captain before the match.

The Australian team last won the U19 World Cup in 2010 under Mitchell Marsh. Even though they faced the 'Boys in Blues' twice, they failed to achieve a single win. The Australian team achieved a thrilling victory against Pakistan by 1 wicket in the semi-finals. The Wiebgen-led Australian team needed four runs from the last over and Pakistan failed to defend the target. Meanwhile, Australia are also unbeaten in their last five matches, which will give them confidence ahead of the final game.

Wiebgen claimed that the wicket looked “different to what we saw” in the semi-finals. “The pitch looks a little different from what we saw [in the semi-final]He has cut some grass. [It] Might play a little different from the second day, so yeah, it'll be interesting to see,” Wiebgen said.

The captain said he slept very well after Australia managed to achieve the target by one wicket against Pakistan in the semi-final. “Personally, I didn't have to do much, but it was probably the best sleep I've had the entire trip. I was very tired after watching that innings. The boys also needed a good sleep before going back, but everyone is ready to go,” the captain said.

The Australian captain said that the experience of playing close and tense games and winning them will definitely help them in the title clash. “It's good that we have played some close matches. Close matches have put us in pressure situations and we have been able to overcome those situations. So I'm sure that will help us tomorrow,” the Australian captain said.

The final match between India and Australia will start at 1:30 pm Indian time. Australia U19 squad: Harry Dixon, Sam Konstas, Hugh Webgen (c), Harjas Singh, Ryan Hicks (wk), Oliver Peak, Tom Campbell, Rafe McMillan, Tom Straker, Mahalie Beardman, Callum Vidler, Lachlan Aitken, Charlie Anderson, Harkirat Bajwa, Corey Wasley, Aidan O'Connor.

India U19 squad: Adarsh ​​Singh, Arshin Kulkarni, Musheer Khan, Uday Saharan (captain), Priyanshu Molia, Sachin Dhas, Araveli Avneesh (wicketkeeper), Murugan Abhishek, Raj Limbani, Naman Tiwari, Soumya Pandey, Aaradhya Shukla, Ansh Gosai, Dhanush Gowda, Rudra Patel, Prem Deokar, Mohammad Aman, Inesh Mahajan. (ANI)

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