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Wilcox RB is running for a total of 317 yards to win Mountain View. - - Job Offer Ads
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Wilcox RB is running for a total of 317 yards to win Mountain View.

Wilcox RB is running for a total of 317 yards to win Mountain View.

SANTA CLARA – Luther Glenn could hardly believe his ears when he heard the number.

Three hundred and seventeen. As in yards. Add five touchdowns, including two from midfield and another from 44 yards, and the Wilcox had their second win of the season, more than enough to make SCVAL 42-27 at Mountain View.

“It’s crazy,” a frustrated Glenn later said. “Call my lineman. I can’t do that without my lineman.

The Chargers (2-4) got another 109 yards on the ground from other sources, led by Andrew Palacios with 85 off Kerry. Mountain View competed for more than 400 yards, but one business proved too much.

One night that could quickly go down in the record books یہاں even in Paul Rosa’s heavy system at Wilcox-Glenn made the biggest game of the game on defense.

It was Wilcox Sr. who hit the ball into the hands of Mountain View receiver Drake Wilking on the goal line early in the fourth quarter when the Chargers were clinging to a possession lead.

Glenn usually plays in two ways, but Rosa wanted to rest to run her bull in the first half.

After breaking a 61-yard touchdown run to extend the Chargers’ lead to 35-27, Glenn returned to Cornerback.

Mountain View turned a crucial fourth and 1 in the first play of the fourth quarter, and Jackson Stephen Pass got the Spartans within 10 yards of the line. On the third and third goal, Stephen sent Wilking into action, then hit him on a swing pass.

After a few yards, Glenn hit him hard, which was enough to free the ball.

Officials briefly surrounded and determined that the ball came out before Wilkingen crossed the goal line.

Wilcox captured their 5 yard line with a 35-27 lead and played about 10 minutes. The Chargers were determined to either bleed the clock or score a decisive touchdown.

He took 12 plays and 7 minutes before Glenn, for the fifth and final time, pushed the ball out of 5 yards to make it 42-27 and stopped his brilliant performance.

“Did he have that? Oh, my God,” Rosa said when informed of Glenn’s unofficial collection. “I give him credit: he’s really put in a lot of time and effort.”

Glenn’s 317 yards are the best for his career in two years as the Chargers start running back. Rosa said these are the complexities of the system, such as where to get a quarterback for the hand-off and when to make some deductions, which has allowed him to take the next step as a senior.

“It takes a while for our system to shut down,” Rosa said. “He was in it last year, did a good job last year, but now he has a good grip on it.”

Wilcox was scraping for a score as he waited for the first of four rushings of 40 yards or more from Glenn.

Mountain View took an early lead when senior receiver Joe Brown, a new addition to the basketball team, who watches part, fell behind the defense and an arching pass from Stephen for the loneliness of the opening period in his hands. Came down

After trailing 7-0 early in the second quarter, Glenn took a pitch from quarterback Armand Johnson, beating every defender around the corner from the right and jetting the field 49 yards up until he was out of bounds. Not out.

Glenn ran the house with the Chargers’ first touchdown after a few dramas, and the Volkswagen never looked back. He ended the next drive by shaking two guards at the end of a 44-yard touchdown.

Brown caught the second touchdown of the game on a 31-yard pass from Stephen, with less than a minute left in the first half to enter the locker room.