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October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Why is September the best month to see the Massachusetts whale?

Why is September the best month to see the Massachusetts whale?


And where to go for a whale watch in and around Boston this fall.

A humpback whale is seen violating spin in Massachusetts Bay. Pete Greenhouse / Globe Staff

Atlantic Wildlife loves September. Long lasting warm water and low crowds make September a beautiful month – and most Massachusetts residents will agree.

“September is probably our best month of the year,” said Laura Frontiro, business manager at 7Cs Wheel Watch in Gloucester.

Whale calves, which have been feeding all summer, become lively and active in September, Frontiro said as he approached the boats with interest. “They do something called spy hopping, where they keep their big eyes on the water and look at everyone,” he said.

Boaters can also see more dolphins in September and October, as cold water brings them back into the area.

“The big show stoppers are the humpback whales-the ones we see the most,” Frontierro said, but whale watchers can also catch a glimpse of the monkey whale, the artback whale (the world’s second largest), and the Atlantic white-sided. ۔ Dolphins, molluscs, and all kinds of birds. Sometimes, some harbors, sharks and sea turtles.

Frontierro suggested bringing a whale-watching sweet shirt – “It’s always cold!” – And an open mind. No two tours are the same, he said, so instead of having some expectations, “keep an eye on everything.”

For those looking to take advantage of the great whale watching conditions of September and October, here are some of the best whale watches in an hour in Boston.

7 Whale Watch of the Seas.

Owned and operated by the family for three generations, Gloucester’s 7s Whale Watch is technically the fourth generation business – Frontierro’s grandfather fished in the same dock decades ago. The Steel Wagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary voyage, which stretches from Cape N to Province Town, brings passengers closer and more personal with the 7C, Private IV, whales and other marine life from April to October each year.

Boston Harbor Tour

Boston Harbor City Cruise has partnered with the New England Aquarium to provide whale watches to Steel Wagon Bank. The vessels depart from the Central Wharf, close to the New England Aquarium, and aquarium enthusiasts always board the ship to share their knowledge, explain the marine life, and answer questions.

Cape Ann Whale Watch.

Gloucester’s most famous whale watches are celebrating their 43rd season this year. Cape Ann Whale Watch is the largest and fastest whale watch ship north of Boston, which quickly takes passengers to the marine harem, where they have occasionally seen the sperm whale, harbor porpoises and blue whale.

Captain Tim Brady & Sons.

On board their ship, Mary Elizabeth, Captain Tim Brady & Sons make fishing charters, whale watches, and personal specials such as bachelor / bachelor ceremonies and sunset trips. Their whale watches combine “small boat proximity” with “small boat proximity”, as the watches offer the Steel Wagon Bank all heavy hitters – humpback, funback and monkey whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more. Search for seabirds.