Who is Stephen Harper backing for Conservative leader and why?

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It’s official, Stephen Harper has endorsed Pierre Poillevre in the Conservative leadership race. Not that it was ever up for debate or discussion but now, no one can question Harper’s position on who should lead the party he helped build.

He explained his reasons for supporting Poilievre in a video posted on social media Monday night.

“There’s a lot of speculation about who I do or don’t support and why,” Harper said.

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Actually, no one was wondering who Harper was supporting, everyone knew. Harper’s dislike of Jean Charest has been well-documented and none of the other candidates are expected to win or have any ties to her.

Poilievre was the only one hoping to get Harper’s endorsement. It is worth noting that Harper did not endorse anyone in the 2017 or 2020 leadership contests for the Conservative Party. Based on predictions of a slam dunk and crushing win by Poilievre’s supporters, it’s not clear that Harper has to offer the endorsement now.

“Pierre Poilievre was a strong minister in my government. Over the years he has been the most vocal and effective critic of the Trudeau Liberals in our party,” Harper said.

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“He’s talking about the issues, especially the economic issues that matter. Slow growth, debt, inflation, lack of job and housing opportunities, and the need to fix the institutions that are failing Canadian families. They are proposing answers that are rooted in conservative ideas, but that are relevant to today’s realities.”

Harper said these are the reasons why Pollyover has such strong support within the Conservative caucus and why it has attracted so many new members, including many young people, to the party and the movement.

“That’s how we win the next federal election, and in my opinion, Pierre has made the strongest case ever that he’s the person to do that,” Harper said.

The endorsement comes after some polling that likely had the Charist camp feeling pretty good and hoping they could use the numbers to build momentum and convince any undecided voters who might be interested in Poilievre’s style. are uncertain.

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one Angus Reid Survey Showed both Poilievre and Charest defeating Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in a mock matchup. According to the poll, each man will receive the support of 34% of the electorate, but does so in different ways.

Poilievre will strengthen the Conservative base and win big in Western Canada and do well with men, especially those 55. Charist will lose some support in Western Canada but will still win a majority and win support from women, older men and voters in Ontario. Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

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Poilievre will draw many voters away from the People’s Party of Canada, while Charest will draw some voters to the PPC but win over disaffected Liberals, and actually have a larger lead over Trudeau than Poilievre. .

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Harper’s endorsement won’t do much to bolster Polivor’s support among the many young voters he’s wooing to the party, many of whom don’t remember the Harper era. However, this would dampen the mood of the Charist camp, especially any boost they were feeling from the poll.

Ballots began arriving in mailboxes in early July and will be returned to Deloitte, the company that counted the votes. September 6 at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Ottawa on September 10.

So far, some of the more than 675,000 ballots issued have been returned with some sources saying as low as 5% of the total.

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