Who is Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Attwood, and what is her job?

Footballer Jack Grealish had a difficult relationship with his childhood sweetheart Sasha Attwood and is now forced to deny rumors of an affair with actress Emily Atack. But who is Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha, and how long have they been together?

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Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha Attwood stunned on shoot in September

Jack Grealish denied rumors of a love triangle between him, his girlfriend and TV star Emily Atack.

The Manchester city The footballer took to Instagram on Sunday to deny rumors he was dating The Inbetweeners actress Emily atack, despite being in a relationship with his childhood girlfriend, Sasha Attwood.

Jack and his girlfriend Sasha have been in an intermittent relationship for about 10 years.

In response to the rumors, Jack said, “Please don’t believe everything you read in the papers. “

Despite the rumors of Jack’s affair, Sasha recently sparked engagement rumors after presenting a ring on Instagram.

But who is Sasha Attwood? Here’s everything you need to know about Grealish’s childhood love …

Who is Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Attwood, and what is her job?

Sasha has over 160,000 Instagram followers


Sasha Attwood / Instagram)

Sasha Attwood is a model and influencer and at the time of writing, she has over 126,000 Instagram followers.

She was reportedly spotted by a modeling agent while on a shopping spree in Birmingham with her mother when she was just 13.

She is now represented by Industry Model Management and has signed big contracts with fashion brand Boohoo.

Sasha also has a YouTube channel under the name ‘ Sasha Rebecca ‘, where she talks about everything from shopping to skincare routines.

Due to her relationship with Jack, she took to her YouTube channel to reveal that she received death threats on a regular basis.

She said: “Things obviously exploded over the euros, but I never thought that in a million years it would be such a bad day.

“It just amazes me how mean people can be for no reason.”

How did Manchester City player Jack Grealish meet Sasha Attwood?

Jack and Sasha met at school


Corbis / Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Jack and Sasha are said to have an intermittent relationship


Grgo Jelavic / PIXSELL / SplashNews.com)

Jack and Sasha have been together for ten years.

They met at Saint-Pierre Catholic High School in Solihull and started dating around 15 and 16 years old.

The two have been jokingly compared to David and Victoria Beckham and are nicknamed “the new Posh and Becks”.

This is in part due to Sasha’s increasingly successful career and her growing influence on social media.

Their relationship has often been described as rocky.

Island of love Star amber gill too categorically denied dating Jack.

She said: “Any relationship I have or any dating is immediately ruined by people saying ‘This is who she’s dating now’ and I’m like ‘Wait, right? “

“You wanted to know who I was really dating. You’ll never know from that kind of bullshit every day. Stop lying!”

Is Sasha Attwood related to Olivia Attwood from Love Island?

Olivia Attwood, former Love Island star


Getty Images)

Sasha’s number of Instagram followers has grown enormously since the Euro.

Besides the deal with Boohoo, she has also been a model for retailer House of Fraser.

But despite her thriving career and relationship with Jack, Sasha is often mistaken as a relative of the Love Island star. Olivia attwood.

Olivia was on Love Island’s third series and dated Chris Hughes.

She is now engaged to Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley Dack.

Olivia, 30, is from Surrey while Sasha is from Birmingham.

Since leaving the villa she has had her own ‘Crackin’ On ‘show and appeared on The only way is Essex.

The Mirror has approached Jack and Emily for comment following the rumor of the affair.

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