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"White Town". The man is dead. We know what he wrote in the letter. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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“White Town”. The man is dead. We know what he wrote in the letter.

White Town 2.0.  The man is dead.  We know what he wrote in the letter.

In a handwritten letter, the contents of which have been disclosed by the Polish Press Agency, there is the date 09/18/2021, place, copy no. “I gave my life as a protest against the health service strike (because it is political against PIS Poland)!” – we read in the letter. It was signed with name and surname, and includes the man’s date of birth.

Earlier, RMF FM reported that it had received a letter from a man who had shot himself. According to the broadcaster, unofficial information indicates that the victim was an elderly man, a retired military man. In addition to the letter, police found two weapons on it.

The tragedy occurred during a press conference of the Protest and Strike Committee in Warsaw on Saturday, in “White Town”. Ejazdowski around 10.20

On the spot, they heard gunshots.

The conference is interrupted. Rescue workers rushed to the old man’s aid.

Preliminary results indicate there was a suicide, police said. The man, who suffered facial injuries, was taken to hospital, where he died, said Rafa Rat Maniac, a sub-commissioner from the Warsaw Police Headquarters press office.

“Białe Miasteczko 2.0” has been in operation since September 11, following a demonstration by healthcare workers near the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. The operation refers to the “white town” of nurses since 2007.