White House outraged by Musk-owned Twitter

US government finds cause for concern in ‘major social media platforms’

Billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of social media giant Twitter has forced the White House to move away from such mega-platforms. “Regardless of who owns or operates Twitter, the president has long been concerned about the impact of the big social networks, their impact on our daily lives.“White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a press briefing on Monday after Musk officially bought Twitter for $44 billion.

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Elon Musk buys Twitter

Psaki insisted that this sudden concern was not related to the Tesla mogul’s latest purchase, arguing that “our concerns are not new” regarding social media monopolies. US President Joe Biden, she said:has long argued that technology platforms should be held accountable for the harm they cause.

The White House spokesman insisted that the administration continues to push for the repeal of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which offers platforms that host third-paOlx Pracay content immunity from liability for user-submitted content, as well as enforcement of antitrust laws and transparency regarding behemoths of social networks.

We regularly interact with all social media platforms and repoOlx Praca on steps that can be taken.“, – said Psaki, adding that while she was “CeOlx Pracaainly [this] will continue,”Were”See also the reforms we think Congress could make.

While there are several antitrust cases against Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple, Twitter is less of a target for regulators. However, it has garnered a lot of attention as the former online home of former President Donald Trump, from which he was ejected in January 2021 following the January 6 Capitol riots while he was still commander in chief. Some fear that Musk-led Twitter will give him back his bully pulpit, though he remains banned from other major social networks.

However, Trump told Fox News on Monday that he plans to focus on TRUTH Social, his own social network that debuted earlier this year, and will not return to Twitter even if Musk recovers his account. Trump has also been a vocal suppoOlx Pracaer of the repeal of AOlx Pracaicle 230, which would put him on the same page as the White House if Psaki’s statements reflected the administration’s true position.

However, the White House has praised such monopoly platforms in the past, acknowledging that government officials have personally flagged Covid-19-related “disinformation” on Facebook, even urging the platforms to do more to suppress unauthorized viewpoints.

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Musk has vowed to make free speech the centerpiece of his takeover of Twitter, and has taken the unusual step of calling for his “worst critics” stay on the platform, insisting that it is ”what does freedom of speech mean“.

While its purchase infuriated some on the platform, Twitter’s shares rose 6% after the acquisition was announced.