Where is Kate Garraway and why isn’t she on GMB?

GOOD Morning Britain helps wake up viewers in the morning with its take on daily news and showbiz gossip.

Someone helping to wake up the UK is the host Kate garraway – but fans want to know why she’s missing from the show today (November 26, 2021).

Kate Garraway is out of GMB today (November 26, 2021)


Kate Garraway is out of GMB today (November 26, 2021)Credit: REX FEATURES

Where’s Kate Garraway?

Fans are used to seeing Kate presenting GMB every Thursday and Friday with Ben shephard.

However, viewers took to Twitter today to ask why she wasn’t hosting the breakfast show this morning.

At present, ITV haven’t revealed why she’s having a day off.

Host Ben didn’t mention anything and Kate didn’t reveal why she was away.

Kate has been the ITV Breakfast TV star since 2000 when she joined GMTV.

She continued her role as host on the early morning show when GMTV switched to Daybreak in 2011, although she took more of a back seat as Adrian Chiles and Christine bleakley assumed the main hosting roles.

When the show moved to Good Morning Britain in 2014, it rejoined mainstream programming.

Who replaces Kate Garraway?

Host Ben is joined today by GMB newsreader Charlotte hawkins.

Tweeting this morning she wrote: “Hello from your Fri @GMB team! We have so much to come – on the new covid variant we have @devisridhar & @SimonCalder, also this morning @ ronanofficial @ MarkCavendish @ RealRonHoward … More @Nick_Hewer & @RuthieHenshall to talk about Richard Madeley’s @imacelebrity outing! “

Charlotte has been a regular at GMB since its launch in 2014.

In addition to reading the news, she intervenes regularly when the main animators are on leave or on annual leave.

When is Kate Garraway back?

Kate is expected to resume her role as host next Thursday (December 2, 2021).

The presenter has had a lot of work to do in the past 18 months since her husband Derek draper was diagnosed long-Covid.

Since then, she has kept people updated on her condition and is now acting as a caregiver after she was released from the hospital and returned home.

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