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What you need to know about Ozzy Media Meltdown. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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What you need to know about Ozzy Media Meltdown.

What you need to know about Ozzy Media Meltdown.

CEO Carlos Watson reversed his decision to close the company. (Photo by Kimberly White / Getty Images)

lots of people. Did not hear Ozzy Media’s last month, when the New York Times. topic Revealed that the company’s chief operating officer imitated the YouTube executive on an investment call with Goldman Sachs and questioned the company’s business practices.

Since then the company – a startup news organization centered. “New and Next” He raised tens of millions from investors and attracted high-profile talent from big publications and the BBC – lying about his metrics, misusing PPP loans and deceiving investors. Has been accused of giving. It announced that it was closing on Friday. A few days later, Ozzy’s chief executive officer Carlos Watson – a Goldman Sachs alum and former MSNBC anchor who was at the center of the Ozzy talk show scandal – changed his mind during a Today’s show interview.. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Illegal activity.

It can be difficult to create chaos in and around Oji. We’ve broken down the important pieces of news that you should read about the scandal and why.

    1. Goldman Sachs, Ozzy Media, and the 40 40 million conference call went wrong., “New York Times: This is the story that broke the news, and it tells the key elements of the initial controversy. It explains the imitation of YouTube executive COO Sameer Rao, the discussion of Ozi’s relationship with Blue Chip investors and the company’s claims about its matrix.
    2. Today’s show interview with Carlos Watson.: This clip sheds light on the next big part of the Ozzy story: Watson’s reversal of Ozzy’s decision to close. In the interview, Watson called the scandal a “laser moment” of Ozzy, referring to the biblical figure that Jesus resurrects four days after his death. Watson also discusses why people should trust the company’s track record.
    3. Ozzy Media’s deep crisis., “Axios: The story breaks new allegations against Ozzy that the company lied to investors about Google Ventures saying they were running their next round of funding.
    4. Ozzy Media received a قرض 5.7 million loan to help pay employees, but former staff say they didn’t see any of it., “CNBC: This story details another possible scandal that Ozi is facing. It questions what the company did with PPP loans while employees were laid off and salaries cut.
    5. Goldman Sachs has been deceived by Ozzy Media more than once,New York Post: A look at Goldman Sachs’ relationship with Ozzy, and how the company’s alleged false claims about his readers have damaged a separate agreement with Goldman.
    6. Let me tell you what it was like to work at Ozzy.New York Times: This column features a former Oxy employee who was fired twice from the company (apparently not unusual for Ozzy, and part of a story by the author, Eugene S. Robinson, Told on Substick. few days ago). It provides insights into the company’s internal affairs, its shortcomings as a business, and what it describes as a “toxic culture.”

What you need to know about Ozzy Media Meltdown.