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What to see in the first pre-season game of Golden State. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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What to see in the first pre-season game of Golden State.

What to see in the first pre-season game of Golden State.

Portland-Bob Myers and Steve Kerr are eager to see the team they have gathered in action, and while the full-strength Warriors will be on display for several months, they will get their first sight Monday night. ۔

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Asked how he would measure success, Kerr said, “From a height,” referring to the movie “Caddy Shake.”

“We now have five exercises, one or two concepts, out of bounds, a lot of talk about how we want to commit a crime,” he added. “I want to see how the boys have affected the offensive side. I think defensively, I want to see a tight shell. I want to see the basics. Don’t give up the simple things. It’s the whole game.”

What do bullies look like?

Jonathan Komanga and Musa Moody will be the first to pick up the Warriors’ cheating lottery, which garnered praise from Kerr and teammates during the first week of training camp.

This is their first time seeing how they work in the Warriors system in game action.

Kamanga has inflamed Kerr with more aggressive intelligence than his age (remember, it’s October 18 to 6 – Happy 19th Birthday to Young Jonathan). In transit, Kerr compared it to a freight train. He could play his way in more minutes.

“The fact that he’s a willing and passable person changes things, I think, in terms of his point of view,” Kerr said. “The key is to play defense, pick up our schemes, cover, the tendencies of its opponents, that kind of thing.”

Moody can help fill a hole left in the injured Clay Thompson’s shooting guard if he can understand the Golden State defense system and prove that he can shoot an outside shot. Kerr cites Trevor Areza’s “3-and-D” style as a comparison.

“Defense is what brings you to the destination, then once your guilt is over, that’s what keeps you there,” Modi said.

How much do beginners play?

The Warriors’ rotations for Monday night were still in the air after Sunday’s practice. Kerr said the coaching staff would discuss plans for their flight to Portland.

Golden State starters – Stephen Curry, Andrew Wagns, Dreammond Green, Kevin Loney – should watch about the usual 20 minutes, Kerr said, although Green may be a bit more limited. He arrived at the training camp on Thursday.

“Usually Steve manages to talk to himself for a few extra minutes,” Kerr added.

Sixteen of the Warriors’ 20 players will be available on their training camp roster: James Weissman (Manx), Clay Thompson (Achilles), Gary Payton II (Hernia) and Jordan Bell (absent).

Small ball

The Warriors want more space this year than ever before. That means lining up around the best floor spacer in NBA history and possibly combining it with three other sharpshooters.

Kevin Looney will anchor the Warriors in 5th place, but the plan is to devise a similar short ball strategy that helped him finish last season at 15-5. High level of defense

Will also see extensive time in Dreammond Green 5, but what else will the Warriors line up?

Kerr said he wants to have four shooters on the floor. With the newly added Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Belleica, they can do this without sacrificing a warrior size. Kamanga should also look at 4 and 5.

“When we say small ball, it doesn’t necessarily mean small,” Kerr said. “That means more space, more shooting.”