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What the players and coaches said after the Buckeyes defeated the Patriots. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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What the players and coaches said after the Buckeyes defeated the Patriots.

What the players and coaches said after the Buckeyes defeated the Patriots.


Jim Davis / Globe Staff

The Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is a 1-3 starter.

Bucks has picked up comments from players and coaches on both sides after beating the Patriots at Glitt Stadium.

Bill Belchuck on Mc Jones’ performance in defeat:

“We’re going to see a movie. Once again I think our team has played competitively, and Mac is definitely a part of it. You know, we can all play better and learn everything. You know, there were some things we could have done better, but Mack struggled and made a lot of plays for us.

On the team’s struggle to run the ball:

“We couldn’t go there much. He’s obviously a good run defender but we couldn’t – we couldn’t do much there. It was disappointing. We have a good back but we really start them often. Have not succeeded, so this is definitely something we need to work on and improve.

Box coach Bruce Arens on what Tom Brady’s victory means:

“I think it’s very special for him. You know, he kept her up all week and maybe he’s just letting her out. But it was a big week for him, but it was a big week for the team. I was very disappointed with everyone that this is a quarterback and coach. This is a team game. Box won the game. We defeated the Patriots. We thought it was a team game. Everyone wanted to make it all about Brady and Belchuck. I don’t think Bill played Snap.

Aryans thought about how Brady played:

“Very careful. He wasn’t making a mistake that caused us to lose the game. Crushed in crunch time, a two-minute drive before half-time, when we had to score a field goal, he put us on the field.

On his post-game exchange with the Pirates quarterback Mac Jones Brady:

“He just told me to keep my head up and keep working. I’ve only had one chance to congratulate him on his victory. He’s a great quarterback, he played well tonight.

Jones was able to compose between Hopla:

“I think just focus on what’s important now, that’s the kind of thing I tell myself, and it was an exercise on Tuesday. It was an exercise on Wednesday. Exercise on Thursday. Exercise on Friday. So I just try to focus on how I can get better in the last week and everything else is a distraction. I just try to stop the noise and everyone on our team Tried to stop and I wish I could play a little better so that we can win but that’s what it is. Congratulations to the other football team for winning.

Jones on Josh McDaniels game plan:

“I think Josh did a great job this week, preparing everyone for what we want to do and how we want to attack the game. You know, I think we did well. Well, obviously not good enough to win but Josh did a great job and I think it was good for us to learn that we didn’t put it all together but to keep us all together. And getting close to playing the whole game together. When we can do that, I think there will be positive things.

Patriotic Devon McCarthy comments on what Jones has shown to his teammates:

“He’s one of the guys now. He’s not a bully. We expect him to lead. We expect him to be our quarterback. How respectable he is in this locker room.”