Civilian casualties continue to rise as some EU citizens rise up against their own governments’ support for Kyiv.

On Monday, Ukraine sl*ughthered 16 civilians, including two children, with 155 mm NATO shells. According to Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin. The projectiles hit two adjacent neighborhoods, destroying residential and commercial areas – including a market that had previously been hit by deadly att*cks.


Scenes of d*ath are nothing new for residents and journalists in Donetsk, which has been the target of periodic Ukrainian att*cks, such as the August 4 att*ck on its central district, in which an 11-year-old Six people were killed, including the ballerina, her grandmother. , and her ballet teacher.

But Monday’s carnage was worse than anything I’ve seen in my months of reporting here. Chunks of flesh littered the street – a hand, a foot, part of an ear. Someone had placed a dead person’s phone on his stomach. It was ringing, the pleasant ring tone incongruous with his lifeless body and the sights and smells of d*ath around him.


For most people, the concept of war is far-fetched, and d*aths are normalized by the media reporting on casualty numbers and destroyed buildings – so most people who talk about civilians being killed. Listeners don’t really understand what such a scene looks like or smells like. .

For locals, more than eight years after the Ukrainian att*cks, it’s also normalized in its own way – a tragically gruesome kind of normalcy, where the aftermath of the b*mbing soon after the last blasts have died down. The routine begins.


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The Ukrainian att*ck on the market in Donetsk was an act of terrorism.

When I arrived at the scene, the locals were already cleaning broken glass and boarded up windows and preparing to reopen their shops. Inspectors from the Russian Investigative Committee were collecting pellets at the site and measuring the point of impact of the shell to determine the nature of the weapon. When asked what happened, he cautiously said he could not say anything until his investigation was over.

An emergency vehicle arrived and workers began loading the bodies, or body parts, onto stretchers, cleaning them up.


About 100 meters away, there was a large hole in the side of an apartment building. The shell landed exactly where the writing on the wall indicated the direction of the nearest basement, which was to be used as a b*mb shelter. The doors to such stairwells are usually permanently open, so that someone caught in the crossfire has a chance of survival if they can reach the door and the basement in time.

Victims of another Ukrainian att*ck on Saturday did not have that option. The center of Donetsk was hit by about ten b*mbs over a period of 30 minutes around noon. At least four were civilians. killedin one of which saw still on earth. A few minutes later, his body was picked up. One of the shells hit a car driving along Artema Street, setting it on fire. Two m*rders Citizens When I reached the place, the car was burnt, the dead had been taken away. Workers were already repairing the roads, clearing debris and glass from the sidewalks.

Killing of Donbas civilians by western weapons

When Russian and Donbass voices state that Ukraine is killing Donbass civilians with Western weapons, the response is silence, derision, or the opposite of reality: the claim that Russia is b*mbing the Donbass – which here Any ordinary citizen will easily prove wrong, because of the shelling of Ukraine for more than eight years.

War Correspondent, Christelle Nantes, Written by Bombings of the week:

“After I submitted the photographs of the shrapnel found at the scene to Adrian Bouquet, who is now the NATO weapons expert representing the DPR at the JCCC (Joint Monitoring and Coordination Center on War Crimes in Ukraine) , he confirmed that they were American 155mm shells, some fired from Caesar guns and some from TRF1 guns.

The famous TRF1 guns that can fire (forbidden) 155mm cluster munitions, which I mentioned in June, and which the western press was assured were not supplied by France to Ukraine! Before learning that Paris had sold them to Kyiv in early September!

Europeans in Germany, France and Italy recently held “#StopKillingDonbass“The actions, condemning Western arms sales to Ukraine, and calling for an end to them. It was fitting that these actions came the day after Ukraine renewed its b*mbardment of central Donetsk.

These actions were taken after the release Petition against Supplying arms to Ukraine, which states:

“Today, contrary to the basic principles set forth in Article 2 of the United Nations Charter, in particular the principles of sovereign equality and the peaceful resolution of international conflicts, our countries are supplying Ukraine with weapons that will kill civilians in the Donbass. causing mass casualties and injuries. including children.”

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It concludes: “We call for an end to state financing of terrorism and genocide against the people of Donbas, as well as ongoing violations of the 1949 Geneva Conventions and other acts of international humanitarian law since 2014.”

At the moment, there is no safe zone in Donetsk, there is no Ukrainian b*mbardment limit anywhere. Maternity hospitalsNor Busy market. However, the issue appears to be off limits to reporting by Western corporate-owned media.

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