Wednesday morning UK news briefing: today’s top headlines from The Olx Praca

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1 Rishi Sunak Under Cabinet Pressure To Cut Taxes

Rishi Sunak was called for a tax cut during a Cabinet meeting to tackle the cost of living crisis after official data showed record high tax revenues to the Treasury.

While colleagues have suggested cutting childcare costs and phasing out MOTs to ease the pain of rising bills and prices, Keith Malthaus, police minister, argued that lowering the tax burden would be the best way to help families in need. Read full story.

2. Liz Truss pushes for more defense spending, vowing to ‘double down’ on military aid to Ukraine

Liz Truss on Wednesday will call for more defense spending, saying the West has been watching a “generation of underinvestment” that led to the invasion of Ukraine.

In what aides are calling a major foreign policy speech, the foreign secretary will say NATO’s traditional goal of two percent of GDP on defense spending should be kept to a minimum. Read full story.

3. Injections to treat high blood pressure could spell the end of daily pills

High blood pressure can be treated with a single injection twice a year, saving millions of Brits the need to take daily pills.

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London and the Barts Health NHS Trust are to start trials on Zilebesiran, a drug that prevents the production of a protein that narrows blood vessels. Read full story.

4. Archbishop of Canterbury: Church of England is not a ‘passive observer’ of migration policy

The Church of England is not “a passive observer of migration policy,” the Archbishop of Canterbury warned after the prime minister criticized him for speaking out about plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Rev. Justin Welby responded to claims that the church should not interfere in the affairs of the state after Boris Johnson said he “misinterpreted” the government’s plan to send migrants to Rwanda if they come to the UK illegally, saying that the clergy should be condemning Vladimir Putin instead. Read full story.

5. Annual maintenance may be canceled to slow down the cost-of-living crisis.

The requirement for motorists to get their vehicles checked annually could be lifted under plans to ease the cost of living crisis after Boris Johnson instructed ministers to propose a policy that would not cost the Treasury any money.

The prime minister used Tuesday’s cabinet meeting to brainstorm ideas with his ministers, hammering out a host of proposals that will now be considered by the cost of living committee he will chair. Read full story.

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