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Watchdog Garland investigates 'moral disputes' involving son-in-law. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Watchdog Garland investigates ‘moral disputes’ involving son-in-law.

Conservative government watchdog America First Legal is considering whether there are “moral disputes” with Attorney General Merck Garland’s family financial interests, following reports that her son-in-law is a co-founder of an educational company that has led to some speculation. Opinions can benefit. Its recent crackdown on protesting parents.

on Wednesday, The AFL has filed a Freedom of Information Act. With the Department of Justice “seeking records of possible conflicts of interest created by Attorney General Merck Garland on October 4, 2021, mobilizing the Department’s National Security Division and the FBI to provide parents with critical race theory and extreme gender theories.” School against parents who speak out. “

The request comes after Pan Trauma Education, co-founded by Jean Tanner, serves the nation’s 23,000 schools and supports the race’s main curriculum, which includes taxes. Payments cost millions of dollars.

The watchdog cited public corporate data showing that ور 100 million had been invested in Panorama Education, which, despite the company’s claims, was dependent on school board payments.

“Panorama and its billionaire investors appear to be aiming to” transform “American children through awakening thinking, while connecting their parents to the bill,” the AFL said in a statement.

Zane Tanner
Panorama Education, co-founded by Jean Tanner, supports important race theory curricula.

Accordingly, Mr. Tanner’s financial interest in a business that benefits from CRT and gender perspectives could contribute to the Attorney General’s promotion or protection of such activities, including October 4. The 2021 Memorandum is morally disturbing. “

On October 4, Garland issued a memo instructing the FBI to investigate an alleged increase in violence against school staff, including the inclusion of CRT in the school curriculum by parents. Due to the response, however, the memo did not specify who or what these actions were. Were guilty.

Amid criticism from parents and politicians over the motives behind the order, some are questioning whether there is a conflict of interest because of Garland’s own son-in-law’s company, in part because Panorama Education supports the CRT curriculum.

With contracts in more than 50 of the 100 largest school districts in the United States, Panorama Education claims to have “13 million students in 23,000 schools and 1,500 districts in 50 states.”

In an Oct. 8 letter, several Republican lawmakers wrote to Garland “reporting an alleged connection between your family members and the controversial curriculum that would directly benefit from the coolness of this memo and speech.”

“Your daughter, Rebecca Garland, married Alexander (” Zan “) Newman Tanner in 2018. Teaching American children the critical theory of race under the guise of” equality and inclusion, “US Sense. And Mike Lee (R-Utah) wrote.

Attorney General Merck Garland.
Attorney General Merck Garland issued a memo to the FBI on October 4, investigating the violence against school staff amid parental reactions to the key race theory.
EPA / Jim Lou Scalzo.

Stephen Miller, founder of US First Legal and an adviser to former President Donald Trump, said it was “extremely important” for the DOJ to release all records relating to Garland’s family’s financial interests in the CRT.

AG Garland ordered the DOJ to use its broader national security powers to target parents who object to the race theory of forcing innocent children. It is therefore imperative that the department disclose all records relating to the financial interests of the Garland family in current race theory and all ethical disputes arising out of this financial interest. Miller told Fox News.

The DOJ defended the order, saying it was aimed at “rooting out criminal threats of violence, not about a particular ideology” that could be linked to corona virus policies, CRT, or other educational activities. Claims of attempts to silence those with specific curriculum views are called “misinformation”. ”