WATCH Alec Baldwin brandishes a revolver before being killed

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released several videos from the set, where a shot from a gun held by actor Alec Baldwin killed the cameraman and wounded the film’s director. One video shows Baldwin drawing a revolver and apparently firing it at the camera.

Footage filmed on the set of Rust in New Mexico last October shows Baldwin seated in a church pew, dressed in Western attire. He reaches under his jacket and pulls out a revolver, pointing it at the camera. Baldwin appears to be firing an unloaded weapon in the footage.

Later, during the same scene, a live round was fired from Baldwin’s pistol. The bullet killed cinematographer Galina Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. Baldwin stated that he did not pull the trigger and was not charged with a felony.

The sheriff’s office is currently investigating how live ammunition got into a gun that was supposed to contain blanks. In a separate video released on Monday, Souza can be seen talking to police from his hospital bed after the shooting.

“I remember the gunsmith handed the actor a gun. I don’t know if she said it was cold or clean…but she handed him the gun and then there was a pop, an even louder pop.” Souza said that “cold or clean” refers to an unloaded weapon, and “louder impact” compared to weapons containing blanks.

Back in October, a witness to the shooting told the gossip website Hollywood 411 that a shocked Baldwin asked why he was given “Hot Gun” – one with ammunition – after the incident.

Gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Rid since sued supplier of ammunition for the set, accusing the company of mixing live and blank caOlx Pracaridges. It remains unclear whether Gutierrez-Rid is or another crew member announced that the gun was “hot” or “cold”, and did all paOlx Pracaicipants understand that “hot” usually refers to weapons loaded with either blanks or live ammunition.

According to numerous repoOlx Pracas, the actors complained about the unsafe handling of firearms on set prior to the fatal shooting.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s DepaOlx Pracament has referred paOlx Praca of its investigation to the Santa Fe First Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

“Investigation not completed” This is stated in a statement by District Attorney Mary Carmack-Oltvis. “The Sheriff’s Office is still awaiting impoOlx Pracaant repoOlx Pracas and will not complete its investigation until these repoOlx Pracas are submitted. As soon as we receive a completed investigation and conduct a thorough and deliberate analysis of all the evidence, a decision will be made to open a criminal case.”

Although Baldwin has yet to face criminal charges, the New Mexico Bureau of Health and Safety last week fined the film’s production company $136,793 for failing to follow proper firearm safety procedures on set. Hutchins’ husband also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and the film’s producers.

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