Wanda Palmer Attack: Daniel Palmer III Mysteriously Dies After Sister Identifies Him As Attacker After 2 Years In Coma

JACKSON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA — A twist in the case The West Virginia woman who woke up from a two-year coma.and said it was her brother who attacked her and nearly killed her.

Police arrested the brother, Daniel Palmer III, last week. However, he died a few days later.

Daniels, who was charged in the brutal attack on his sister Wanda Palmer, was said by law enforcement to be uncooperative as they tried to send him to jail after a preliminary hearing. .

Authorities now say he is dead.

Daniel died in hospital on Thursday night after spending five days in jail.

Palmer, of Jackson County, West Virginia, was charged in 2020 with the attempted murder of his sister Wanda after he allegedly struck her in the head and face with a hatchet or ax.

It was Wanda’s mother who called 911 after it happened.

“They came to cut his grass Wednesday morning and they found him in a big pool of blood, and they sped up the hill on a 4-wheeler and told us,” said his mother, Elaine Palmer. “I called the police and the ambulance.”

Wanda was found in her room.

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“We come up and we see him on the couch. Bloody and bruised on the head, blood on the head and face,” Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger said.

They believed she was dead but then heard what are commonly referred to as “death rattles”.

Sheriff Mellinger added, “I wouldn’t bet a nickel on her life that morning, she was in such bad shape.”

But Wanda was alive.

According to the criminal complaint, a witness saw Wanda’s brother in her trailer that night and investigators said they had a history of violence.

However, law enforcement had no weapons, no eyewitnesses to the attack, and no phone records or video. Also, Wanda had been in a coma for about three weeks when she woke up at her nursing home, the sheriff said.

After waking up, she told investigators that the assailant that night was her own brother.

“For her to wake up and be able to say the name, thank God. All I can say is, thank God,” said Wanda’s friend, Macy Powers.

“This case is really about the toughness, strength and tenacity of the victim itself,” Sheriff Mellinger said.

From the start, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department told CNN that Daniels was so uncooperative that they couldn’t get a brand new mug shot of him and wouldn’t sign paperwork that would allow an attorney to release him. Be allowed to represent.

Now the question is, will he be uncooperative or unable to co-operate due to some medical condition that no one knew about? His attorney and guardian ad litem, Ryan Root, told CNN that he would consider it and always maintained that Danielle was in poor condition, unresponsive and essentially living on a machine in the hospital.


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