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Former United States women’s soccer star Hope Solo pleaded guilty Monday to driving while impaired, nearly four months after she was found unconscious in a car in North Carolina with her two-year-old twins. were

A police report said Solo was seen driving in his car outside a retail center parking zone for about an hour. A passerby also told the police that the vehicle’s engine was running.

A police officer at the scene said Solo smelled of alcohol and refused a field sobriety test. A warrant was eventually obtained to obtain a blood sample from her, which revealed she was three times over the legal limit.

Tests also confirmed the presence of THC, which is derived from marijuana, in his system.

Hope Solo Was Arrested On Charges Of Child Abuse And Dwi.

Solo, 40, also faced charges of child abuse and resisting a public officer related to the March 31 incident, but these were voluntarily dismissed. ESPNwhich cited a report in the Winston-Salem Journal.

According to the Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office, Solo received a two-year suspended sentence as well as 30 days of active duty — although she was given 30 days of credit for time served as a patient at a rehabilitation facility.

He was also ordered to pay a $2,500 fine, plus an additional $600 to cover related lab costs, while he obtains a substance abuse evaluation and completes any treatment prescribed. will also be needed.

Speaking in a statement after his guilty plea, he described the March incident as “Easily the worst mistake of my life.”

“I underestimated how much alcohol had become a destructive part of my life. The upside of making such a big mistake is that hard lessons are learned quickly. Learning those lessons has been hard and sometimes very painful.

Solo was capped a remarkable 202 times by the United States Women’s National Team, winning a World Cup and two Olympic golds during her tenure with the team.

She has long been considered a controversial figure in the American sports world due to several outspoken comments over the years. He was kicked from the US team at the 2016 Olympics for calling the Swedish team.coward” On adopting a defensive game plan against them.

Solo was also arrested in 2014 for allegedly having an altercation with family members, but the charges were later dismissed.

His career record of 102 clean sheets is a record in international football.

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