Ukraine to seek free gas – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmegel said on Tuesday that Ukraine would ask the United States for natural gas supplies on the same principle that applies to weapons and ammunition. This “Gas Land Lease” He said that it will be needed for the coming winter. Meanwhile, the European Union has implemented gas rationing.

“The Government of Ukraine has decided to apply to the United States Government to provide our state with a ‘gas land lease’ for a stable heating season”. Schmeichel made the announcement during a cabinet meeting, according to one. Video posted On your Telegram channel.

“Preparations are underway for the toughest winter in our history, and we are looking at all possible equipment to be prepared for any scenario,” he added.

While Schmigel did not elaborate on how the proposed arrangement would work, his use of the term “to lend” suggests that Kyiv expects free supplies of US liquefied natural gas (LNG). The US has long sought to sell its LNG to the European market, but has been unable to compete with Russian gas on price.

Washington is currently sending millions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine under a WWII-era scheme that ended in April.

Ukrainian Mp Reveals 'Scam Of The Century'

Shmegel’s proposal comes as state-owned gas company Naftogaz has defaulted on its bonds and has appealed to the government in Kyiv to “Full responsibility for raising the funds needed to import natural gas for the upcoming heating season.”

However, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Monday accused Naftogaz of embezzlement. The company is engaged in this. “Scam of the Century” are demanding billions to buy gas even though Ukraine doesn’t need it and is running a surplus, claimed Tymoshenko, who headed a US-backed cabinet in 2007-2010 and is now the ‘Fatherland’. is sitting in Parliament as the head of Party

Meanwhile, the European Union has announced plans to ration gas consumption starting in August to deal with potential shortages. Much of the bloc’s natural gas is imported from Russia, and Moscow has pledged to honor its contracts despite sanctions imposed by Brussels citing the conflict in Ukraine. However, repairs to the main pipeline to Germany – involving approved equipment – ​​have reduced gas flows in recent weeks. Berlin has expressly ruled out the possibility of using the full Nord Stream 2 extension to bypass the issue.

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