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UK to deploy Army officers to address fuel supply shortage - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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UK to deploy Army officers to address fuel supply shortage

LONDON: The government announced on Saturday that around 2,200 military tanker personnel would be deployed from Monday to provide temporary assistance to deal with long queues at petrol stations across the UK.
This shortage is due to a severe shortage of truck drivers, especially heavy goods vehicles (HGV) Drivers need fuel supply.
The government said the troops are currently undergoing training at holler sites across the country and will be on the fuel supply road from Monday.
The UK said: “Over the weekend, more than 200 military personnel will be mobilized as part of Operation Escalane. Defense Secretary. Ben Wallace.
“As the situation stabilizes, our armed forces are there to fill any significant vacancies and provide fuel for forecasting while helping the industry move the country forward,” he said.
The government claimed that demand for fuel had stabilized during the week and more fuel was being delivered than was sold, but some parts of the country still faced challenges.
“Thanks to the industry’s tremendous efforts over the past week, we are constantly seeing signs that the situation at the pumps is slowly improving,” said Kosy Quarting, UK Business Secretary.
“UK forecourt stocks are rising, fuel deliveries to forecourts are above normal, and fuel demand is stabilizing. It is important to emphasize that there is no national shortage of fuel in the UK. And people should continue to buy fuel as usual. The sooner we get back to our normal shopping habits, the sooner we can get back to normal.
The military intervention comes with measures to ease the pressure on the temporary supply chain in the food delivery industry, which the British government says is due to epidemics and the recovery of the global economy.
Further measures include a bespoke scheme that allows 300 fuel tanker drivers to travel to the UK on a temporary basis.
Of UK Home Office Allowing multiple fuel tankers to operate in the UK immediately to deal with the crisis. These will move 4,700 food hollow drivers from the end of October to February 2022, following the first announcement of time-limited visa measures.
The government has emphasized that visas are only a short-term solution and wants to see employers invest long-term in the UK’s domestic workforce instead of relying on overseas labor for “higher wages”. , High Skills Economy “.