UK LIVE weather forecast – Met Office warns 20 inches of snow will cover Britain next weekend amid brutal -7C arctic cold

On the road…

Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean your life has to stop.

Halfords Motoring manager Richard Bruce shares his tips on how to prepare vehicles for winter.

Richard said: “Before starting a trip the first check should always be your fuel level because no one wants to get stuck in the freezing cold! If your tank is low, make sure you know exactly where you can refuel on the way to avoid getting stuck.

“You also need to make sure you check your wipers and lights for any signs of wear or malfunction before you go. Any damage to these will affect the performance of the car and hamper the safety of anyone in the car for the duration of your trip.

“Colder weather can take a toll on battery health, so it’s always a good idea to have yours checked out when the winter months arrive. Free Halfords Battery Health Check will tell you about the main indicators of your battery’s health, including its charging and “cranking” capabilities, so you can leave the check with the confidence that yours is in good working order.

“Tires are another part of the car that can be affected by the cold, so check yours carefully to make sure they are properly inflated with good tread. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, and besides being a safety risk, you could face a hefty fine if they don’t meet the minimum requirements.

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