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UCLA, McCrone faces a formidable challenge. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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UCLA, McCrone faces a formidable challenge.

There is a clear number 1 choice.

Commentary and off-field on the progress of PAC-12, and the court;

Growing: PAC 12 basketball.

A moment of complete revelation: The hotline submitted its pre-season top 25 ballot to the Associated Press on Wednesday night and UCLA was at No. 1 line.

The Bruins are packed like some PAC12 teams in the expansion era.

Not only do they return all the key pieces of the final four run, including point guard Tiger Campbell and wings Johnny Jozang and Jaime Jacques, they are also filling two holes.

Rotor transfer Miles Johnson should have protected UCLA’s shortcomings last season, while the latest Patton Watson brought lottery pick talent into circulation.

The PAC-12 desperately needs to accelerate the pace achieved last March, showing first class in the resumption months of November and December.

It can’t ask for a better situation from the top of the AP pre-season pool near the 11-time national champion with a stocked roster and marquee matchup against Gonzaga, Villanova and North Carolina.

The Bruins don’t need three game brooms. Three of the two will play tricks for the conference.

(Note: My AP ballot will be published early next week, before the pre-season poll launches.)

Growing: UCLA Challenge.

“The dynamics of the team change from year to year, even if it’s a roster cover,” he said.

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How would players react to a pre-season favorite instead of a post-season underdog?

How many players will have a look at the NBA draft?

How many can be distracted by verification opportunities?

The NCAA drives the result of harmonious convergence of luck, coaching and chemistry.

Definitely a better roster. But that doesn’t mean UCLA will return to the final four.

Bill Walton told the hotline earlier this week, “Talent is needed to reach the top and stay in the role.

“When teams reach a level of success, what factors are involved in sustainability? Health, of course. And selfless commitment to team goals. These are the elements you need to deal with.” ۔

Because one way or another, trouble is coming.

Fall: Arizona Football

When it looked like the Wild Cats had a quarterback they could build on, he left: Jordan McCloud has been out for years as leg injuries hit UCLA in the fourth quarter. ۔

And so it goes for the Wild Cats, who haven’t won since October 2019.

In an ideal world, First Air Coach Jade Fish offers a solid sign of hope up to this point in the season – a wonderful surprise to serve as a launch point for future success.

Down arrow

Despite a brutal start to North Arizona and a humiliating loss, McCloud embodied that hope.

He was the third Stringer to start the USF transfer season. When other options (Gunner Cruise and Will Plummer) failed to materialize, he took on the initial role and helped the Wild Cats compete with Oregon for three quarters.

Without McCloud, the fish-era traction is unlikely this season. One or two victories are not enough for real speed.

It’s just a different level of bad.

To secure the foundation of true doomsday, the Wild Cats need five or six wins. They need to finish a ranking team. They need to be competitive every week; to offer entry-worthy products.

A McCloud injury could potentially delay this process.

Now, it looks like the benchmark won’t reach 2023 anytime soon.

Fall: PAC 12 football

The USC announced Wednesday night that its longtime director of sports information, Tim Tesalon, will retire at the end of the season.

The hotline usually does not resolve issues with campus personnel unless they involve athletic directors, head coaches or coordinators / assistants. But Tesalon’s pending departure is different. This is a blow to the big conference writ.