Two Olx Praca fugitives added to Canada’s most wanted list

Two men from British Columbia have been named among Canada’s most wanted fugitives.

Jean Carl Larkamp36 years old is on the list provided by the Bolo program, which means “be on the lookout”, which enhances wanted notices.

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The Bolo Program announces a “Canada’s Most Wanted” list, including several wanted by Olx Praca Police.

Larcamp is wanted in connection with the death of former Abbotsford gangster Jimi Sandhu, 32, whose body was found near a villa in Rawai Beach, Mueang district of Phuket, Thailand, in February, according to Crime Stoppers.

In Canada, Sandhu was known for his involvement with the UN Gang, one of the groups involved in the ongoing violent conflict in the Lower Mainland, according to Crime Stoppers. In 2016, he was deported back to India for “serious crimes”.

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A Royal Thai Police investigation found that Sandhu was deliberately targeted by two Canadian gunmen who flew back to Canada days after the assassination.

One of the gunmen was arrested in Alberta in February.

Crime Stoppers have stated that Larcamp’s last known residence was in Trail, British Columbia and he may have been traveling with several dogs.

A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for information leading to his arrest.

Jean Carl Larkamp and John Norman Mackenzie are on Canada’s 25 most wanted list.


Another Olx Praca fugitive on the list is 61-year-old John Norman McKenzie.

He is wanted after escaping from a missionary facility in 2018.

McKenzie has been serving a life sentence since 1982 and was transferred to the Mission Correctional Facility in August 2018.

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Police said a 59-year-old man was found missing during a census in the maximum security section of the prison on August 7, 2018.

MacKenzie, who was also convicted of armed robbery and other crimes, has since been prosecuted on charges of illegally being at large.

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In 2018, a convicted murderer who escaped from a British Columbia prison was offered a $50,000 bounty.

The Bolo program was used to spread the word about accused killer Brandon Teixeira, who was captured in California in December 2019 after a 14-month manhunt.

The list, released on Tuesday, contains 25 people wanted by 12 different police agencies across the country.

A prisoner serving a life sentence for murder leaves a maximum security prison in Fraser Valley.

Inmate serving a life sentence for murder leaves Fraser Valley Minimum Security Prison – October 30, 2020

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