Trump is returning to Washington to give a policy speech.

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump will return to Washington on Tuesday for the first time since leaving office, giving a speech on crime to a coalition think tank that is developing an agenda for a possible second term.

Trump will address the America First Policy Institute’s two-day America First Agenda Summit as some advisers urge him to spend more time talking about his vision for the future and less time on the 2020 election. Spend as he prepares to announce his anticipated 2024 White House campaign.

“I believe this will be a very policy-focused, forward-leaning speech, similar to State of the Union 5.0,” said Brooke Rollins, president of AFPI. Comprised of former Trump administration officials and allies, the nonprofit is widely viewed as an “administration-in-management” that could quickly move into the West Wing if Trump wins again.

Trump’s appearance in Washington — his first since Jan. 20, 2021, when President Joe Biden took the oath of office — comes at a time when his potential 2024 challenger has become the party’s standard bearer. are increasingly taking concrete steps to challenge They include former Vice President Mike Pence, who has been touting his “liberty agenda” in speeches that serve as a stark contrast to Trump.

“Some people may choose to focus on the past, but I think conservatives should focus on the future. If we do that, we won’t just win the next election, we’ll change American history for generations. will change the tide,” Pence had planned to say in a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on the eve of Trump’s visit. Pence’s appearance was postponed due to inclement weather, but he returned to Young on Tuesday morning. Before the America Foundation, he will give his speech not far from the AFPI meeting.

Trump has spent much of his time since leaving office in the 2020 election spreading lies about his loss to cast doubt on Biden’s victory. Indeed, even as the January 6 Committee was refusing to end its desperate and possibly illegal attempts to hold on to power and the violent mobs of its supporters attempting to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Trump continued to try. pressured officials to overturn Biden’s victory, despite the fact that there was no legal means to make past elections uncertain.

On Tuesday, he plans to focus on public safety.

“President Trump is looking at a nation in decline, in part, because of rising crime and communities made less safe under Democrat policies,” said his spokesman, Taylor Budovich. “His remarks will highlight Democrats’ policy failures, while presenting an America First vision for public safety that will surely be a critical issue in the midterms and beyond.”

Ahead of the summit, staff at the America First Policy Institute have laid the groundwork for the future, “ensuring that when we take back the White House, we have the policies, staff and processes in place for every key agency.” exists,” Rollins. said.

The nonprofit thrived, he said, out of efforts to survive the chaotic early days of Trump’s first term, when he arrived at the White House unprepared, with no clear plan in place. While Trump was running for re-election, Rollins, then head of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council, began to outline a second-term agenda with fellow administration officials, including top economic policy adviser Larry Kudlow. and national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

When it became clear that Trump would leave the White House, he said, AFPI was created to continue the work “organized around this second-term agenda that we never released. “

The organization, once dismissed as a landing zone for former Trump administration officials out of more lucrative jobs, is now downsized, with an operating budget of about $25 million. and has a staff of 150, including 17 former senior White House officials and nine former staff. Cabinet members.

The group also has more than 20 policy centers and has sought to expand its reach outside of Washington with efforts to influence local legislatures and school boards. An “American Leadership Initiative,” led by former Office of Personnel Management chief Michael Rigas, was launched several weeks ago to identify future staff loyal to Trump and his “America First” message in a major effort. Can be kept as a part. As Axios recently reported, to replace large parts of the civil service.

The group is one of several Trump-allied organizations that have continued to advance his policies in his absence, including America First Legal, Joe Biden’s agenda on the judiciary, the Center for Renewing America and the Conservative Partnership Institute. Dedicated to fighting.

The summit aims to highlight AFPI’s “America First Agenda,” which focuses on 10 key policy areas, including the economy, health care and election security. It includes many of Trump’s signature issues, such as continuing construction of a wall along the southern border and plans to “end the executive state.”

In a speech Monday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose “contract with America” ​​is credited with helping Republicans sweep the 1994 midterm elections, called the effort a future GOP. The key to victory.

He said that the American people want a solution.