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Trump has not yet spoken of announcing the 2024 bid. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Trump has not yet spoken of announcing the 2024 bid.

Trump has not yet spoken of announcing the 2024 bid.


“It simply came to our notice then. [Trump] We don’t want to own a midterm if we don’t win back the House or the Senate. “

Demetrius Freeman

In some Republicans, Trump’s bid is a cause for concern. According to the strategy on the battlefield states, its toxic brand continues to block voters in the suburbs.

As the unrest in Afghanistan peaked in August, Donald Trump resumed talks with advisers on whether he should announce his 2024 campaign for president now.

He appealed with patience, according to three people familiar with the debate, who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak in public. The advisers argued that an announcement would force it to change its newly formed fundraising apparatus, and could complicate its ability to appear on broadcast television without activating the timeline rules.

Some of his advisers feared that Democrats might use his announcement in their efforts. Hold mid-term elections around your candidacy., Possibly raising their own turnout and thwarting his plans if Republicans shrink next year. The advisers also argued that if he had not run for office, he could have made a more effective Republican choice next year.

“The biggest point we made was that if we don’t win the House or the Senate back, they don’t want to be the medium-term boss,” said one person familiar with the conversation.

Arguments won Trump, at least for the time being. Instead of announcing a presidential campaign, Trump, 75, closed his eyes and shook his head. As some people in his party are worried, he is acting like a public candidate, making it clear that he intends to reunite without actually announcing himself.

Former White House adviser Killian Conway, who served as Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, said, “He keeps the 2024 crowd in mind until he makes a decision.” That’s what he’s doing. ” There has been an immediate change in intent because he fears the many failures of this administration.

Trump has returned from a trip to the country for rallies – including a planned rally in Iowa on Saturday – designed to mimic his election program. she is Raise money with the same aggressive online tactics. He used it during his last campaign – an unprecedented move for a former president. Even after Trump, Facebook and Twitter have been cut off. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. When he urges them to “stop stealing”, his aides send out daily emails – often full of false statements – backed by Democrats, opponents and homeless Republicans.

An informal poll of 13 of his current and former advisers in recent days indicated that 10 believed he would run, two said it was a public relations ploy, and another said he did not believe. Is.

“We shouldn’t talk about it yet from the point of view of campaign finance laws, which is clearly ridiculous,” Trump said. Said September 11, When asked if he would run for president again? “But I think you’ll be happy. Let me put it that way.”

In a private conversation, he made it clear that he is keeping a close eye on his potential rivals in the 2024 Republican primary, most of whom are unlikely to run if they make an announcement and none of whom he is currently on. Don’t see it as a threat, according to people who have spoken with it. The three advisers said Trump had asked some of his advisers about the moves of Florida Governor Ron de Santis and his former vice president, Mike Pence, although he did not think any of them would run. ۔

“I’m running,” he tells people, according to two advisers. He has also made it clear to advisers that he does not want a change in the 2024 nomination calendar, except for Iowa, where he came in second in 2016, as the first Cox in the country for Republicans. Democrats decided no different way.

Trump spokesman Taylor Baduch declined to comment on his specific plans.

“President Trump is determined to save America from the destructive leadership of the Communist Democrats,” he wrote in an email. “All the ways to get there are on the table.”

In some Republicans, Trump’s bid is a cause for concern. Public polls have consistently shown him struggling to break 45 percent of the nationwide approval, while internal GOP polls this year have garnered nearly 40 percent support for his candidacy. According to the strategy of the states on the battlefield, its poisonous brand continues to block voters in the suburbs. He faces other headaches, including an investigation into his business in New York, and an investigation into his role in the deadly January 6 capital uprising.

According to four strategists and officials, many of the party’s top donors have privately told strategists and party leaders that they want a candidate other than Trump. Part of the debate within the party is not over Trump’s overall popularity, but over whether he may have difficulty convincing Republicans in 2024 that he is the best fit to be nominated for a third term. Biden received 7 million more votes in the last election than Trump, who received 2.9 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“It has a deep and determined loyal foundation,” said Bob Wonder Platts, CEO of The Family Leader, an Iowa-based Christian group. “But even in this deep and determined base, there are many who do not think Trump should run again.”

Advisers say Trump is aware of his challenges. In a meeting just before the November election, she was shown the poll, which showed that her policies were popular – even if she was lagging behind. Trump, in a surprisingly disappointing move, jokingly admitted that was the problem, people familiar with the meeting said.

Despite Trump’s interest in the 2024 race, a large and diverse group of potential presidential candidates has begun testing the waters themselves. Pence is working with Chip Saltsman, a strategist who led former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to victory in the 2008 Iowa Cox. Pence has already visited Iowa, a glimpse of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Republican senators, such as Tim Scott (SC), Tom Cotton (Arch.), Ted Cruz (text) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). Sen. Rick Scott, chairman of the National Republican Central Committee, will return in the coming weeks to address a Polk County Republican Party gathering in Des Moines.

Pompeo traveled to the early states, quietly raising funds and campaigning with state candidates.

“Maybe people are stepping up a little more leniently because the president is coming,” said David Cochrane, a veteran Iowa Republican strategist. “But don’t think that stops anyone from doing what they can do. We have a lot of races in 2022, so there’s a lot of land that they can cover.

In August, Trump hired two Iowa experts, Eric Branstad and Alex Litcham, as advisers to PAC, Save America. Branstad, who has helped Trump in his last two campaigns in the state, is the son of Terry Branstad, a former Iowa governor and Trump’s ambassador to China. Latcham, a native of Des Moines who worked for Trump at the White House, previously worked in the state for St. Mitt Romney, former Rep. Michelle Bachmann, and for Trump.

Trump also summoned current Iowa GoP chairman Jeff Kaufman in August, a few weeks before Kaufman was appointed chairman of the Republican National Committee’s effort to design the 2024 nominated calendar.

“He has been a true supporter of ours before us as a nation,” Kaufman said.

Trump’s fundraising efforts are in full swing, although most of his direct appeals cannot be used for an independent PAC or his own future presidential campaign, as they are under campaign finance law. How they were set up He and his allies have sent out more than 100 applications for political participation in recent weeks, sometimes reaching the level of their 2020 campaign. All of their emailed statements now include a new button: “Donate to save America.” There are signed football raffles, offers to meet him at events and even sounds like threats.

“President Trump has texted me,” reads a pitch, going on to say that the “fundraising director” will inform the person not to donate.

Others include promises of money or begging from Trump that he will not be able to fund his rallies without donors. Trump has instructed some of his advisers to dial back the pitches, believing that some language is bad, especially the opening salute: “Friend.”

Although the messages are for small-dollar donors, the former president has also raised large sums of money at dinners and golf tournaments at his private clubs in New Jersey and Palm Beach, which sometimes cost six figures. And some of his allies are considering other fundraising vehicles designed to pay for Trump’s campaign-style efforts.

His allies and advisers say the money is meant to show political power before 2024 because they carry the weight of bids for the presidency, and they intend to give some of it to candidates whose He has endorsed it in the middle of 2022. So far, according to the FEC filing, Save America, the PAC has not given its leadership to the 2022 candidates it has endorsed.

Many familiar with the former president’s operation said that Afghanistan’s fundraising pitches performed exceptionally well, as angry supporters of Biden’s actions sought to oppose him.

“After the election, there were some cuts,” said one of them. “But as the months go by, people come back and start giving more.”

Organizationally, the former president’s orbit remains dirty, with advisers representing several candidates for Trump’s endorsement. He recently distanced himself from one of the key leaders in the fundraising effort, Corey Lewandowski. One donor’s wife accused him of touching her inappropriately. And suggested it at a charity dinner in Las Vegas.

Trump is focused on taking revenge on those who opposed attempts to overturn the election results. According to sources familiar with the matter, he has asked former Georgia Senator David Purdue to run against the Gov. Brian Camp in Georgia. He publicly pressed Peru to run during his September 25 rally in Perry, Ga., In which he satirized the camp for failing to meet its election demands.

Trump, like other Republicans, is hopeful the party can win the House and Senate next year, partly because of Biden’s recent drop in polls. Aides to President Biden, 78, say he plans to run for re-election.

“The only thing I’m raising is that people want to save this country,” said Steven Scheffler, a Republican National Committee member in Iowa. “I’m seeing a lot of crowds at Republican events.”