This is the first. True Crime NewsQuest A series produced with the help of an award-winning investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomaswhich exposed Jimmy Savile in another side of Jimmy Savile.

The series looks at the most shocking cases across the UK using a variety of content from documentaries to podcasts and crime scene images with interactive maps.


It is currently being broadcast and published in 66 of Newsquest’s major news websites.

True Crime News Quest – The Unsolved Murder of Claudia Lawrence

Looking forward to today’s launch. True Crime Newsquest’s “Unsolved” programPresented by Judy Doherty Coe, Publisher’s New Special Projects Editor.


will focus on the issue of Claudia Lawrence, A 35-year-old who went missing in March 2009.

Although several arrests have been made, no one has been charged with her m*rder, and her body has never been found.


To mark the launch, Mark Williams-Thomas will host an exclusive live Q&A on TikTok at 5.30pm today.

Williams-Thomas said of the new Claudia Lawrence investigation: “We will, for the first time, bring you the most definitive timeline and review of the investigation, bringing you the very latest. Also, we Claudia K’s phone records reveal some very interesting information.


You can see the new True Crime Newsquest Claudia Lawrence documentary here.

True Crime NewsQuest

The True Crime Newsquest series is designed to expand by dividing it into three distinct content areas. Solved. And Unsolved Cases and missing the people

  • Solved. will offer a detailed look at key UK cases, offering unique insights from the reporters and editors who were at the center of the stories, from first breaking the news in their own communities to undergoing extensive trials.
  • Unsolved will delve into the shocking crime stories that have baffled detectives, aiming to feature exclusive interviews, unearthed evidence, or comprehensive research to provide audiences with unprecedented coverage of mysterious cases across the UK.
  • missing will help raise public awareness across the UK of people who have gone missing in an effort to find out more information for the heartbroken families left behind.

Williams-Thomas will be joined by special projects editor Judy Doherty Cove to front the content in all three segments.

The former detective recently completed a major investigative investigation into unsolved m*rders, which found there were 2,617 such cases across the UK. He believes the actual figure may be more than 3,000 because police forces have not converted all their paper files to computers and many missing person cases may actually be m*rders.

The earliest unsolved case is the m*rder of John Bianchi, recorded by Northumbria Police in 1919.

except for Solved., UnsolvedAnd missing Strands, which can also be viewed on the True Crime Newsquest YouTube channel and all other social media platforms, Williams-Thomas will also launch a weekly CrimeBeat featuring a 90-second roundup of stories from Newsquest reporters.

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