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October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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trudeau: Explainer: What are the issues in Canada’s close election?

Toronto: Prime Minister Justin. Trudeau He is facing a tough battle against his Conservative rival Erin O.Gangs, In Canada’s elections on Monday.
Trudeau called early elections in the hope of winning a majority in parliament, but was criticized for calling for votes during a pandemic to seize power. Here’s a guide to Monday’s election:
Is it at stake?
Trudeau and his Liberal Party could lose power to the Conservative Party after six years in power. Trudeau has struggled to justify why he is holding early elections amid epidemics, and the opposition has been reluctant to accuse him of doing so for personal gain. But Trudeau is betting that Canadians will reward him for visiting the better corona virus crisis than most countries.
Canada has seen far fewer cases and deaths than many other countries, and Trudeau’s government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to keep the economy afloat amid the lockdown. After a slow start, Canada is now one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and has the highest G-7 vaccination rate. Trudeau recently reopened the border, but only for vaccines.
If elected, O’Toole says it will close borders to prevent dangerous forms from entering. In addition, O’Toole has pushed his Conservative Party to the center to seize power and is now calling himself a progressive.
Epidemic politics?
Trudeau says it is unwise for conservatives to be in power during epidemics, saying Canadians need a government that follows science. O’Toole is not requiring his party’s candidates to be vaccinated and will not disclose how insecure they are. He describes vaccination as a personal health decision.
Trudeau supports making vaccines mandatory for Canadians to travel by air or rail, something the Conservatives oppose. Trudeau noted the dire situation in Alberta, which is governed by the Conservative government. Alberta Premier Jason. Kenny It is said that the beds and staff for the intensive care units in the province could be depleted within a few days. Kenny has apologized for the crisis and is now reluctantly introducing a vaccine passport and enforcing a mandatory order from home two months after almost all restrictions were lifted.
The Liberals, in turn, are campaigning for an attack in which O’Toole praised Kenny’s epidemic management, saying it was better than Trudeau’s federal government.
Trudeau tired?
Trudeau gambled on his government’s efforts to tackle the epidemic, but has been accused of calling early elections for selfish, political reasons.
Long and short, Trudeau channeled the star power of his father, the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, when he was first elected in 2015. Some irritation with it. Pictures of Trudeau appearing in black and gray when he was young also surfaced in the last election of 2019, which cast doubt on his decision.
What does Otol mean?
The son of a longtime politician, O’Toole described himself as a “true blue conservative” who vowed to “take back Canada a year ago” when he joined his party just over a year ago. Won the leadership. He is now calling himself a progressive and refusing social and financial policies, which made him the leader of his party. The poll shows that O’Toole can defeat Trudeau’s Liberal Party despite criticism. He will say and do anything to get elected.
O’Toole now supports a carbon tax he promised to kill and the Conservatives opposed it. O’Toole overturned the party’s position on guns for three weeks in the campaign, clashing with the Conservative platform, which last month promised to maintain the Liberals’ list of banned firearms.
Very accurate effect?
A politician who narrowed the Conservative Party’s leadership in 2017 is now leading a right-wing party that opposes vaccines and lockdowns. The referendum proposes a 5 to 10 percent majority for Maxim Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada, which could shed blood with Conservative support and help the Liberals retain power. An anxious O’Toole said Friday that while there are other parties, there is only one party that has a chance to defeat the Trudeau-Conservative.
PPP anti-vaccine supporters have tried to disrupt Trudeau’s election rallies. A party member was arrested for throwing gravel and stones at Trudeau, and there were protests outside hospitals.
A growing number of unvaccinated Canadians who refuse to be vaccinated are becoming increasingly frustrated. This has been one of the biggest pitfalls for Trudeau.
A minority government?
Canadians do not directly elect a prime minister. Instead, the post goes to the leader of the party that either wins a majority in the House of Commons or can reach a majority by forming an alliance with another party. Trudeau called early elections in the hope of winning a majority, but the poll shows no party is likely to win a majority in the 338-seat parliament, so unity could be needed to legislate. Is.
If the Conservatives win the most seats but do not win a majority, they are expected to strike a deal with the Quebec separatist bloc in Quebec. Trudeau’s Liberals will probably rely on the New Democrats on the left. The Liberals entered the election with 155 seats, with the Conservatives having 119, the Bloc Quebecois 32 and the New Left Democrats 24. The PPP had no one.