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Tom Thebudo has praised Knox's Gibson. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Tom Thebudo has praised Knox’s Gibson.

Tom Thebudo is one of the few players who has gained more confidence than Taj Gibson during his three NBA head coaching stops.

Gibson joined Thebodo in New York last season, along with his coaches Bells and Timberwalls. Gibson took the Knicks fabric and his first playoff birth in eight years to mean so much that Thebodo wanted to return the veteran big man to the paint as a reliable lieutenant and safety valve, even at the youth center. With Mitchell Robinson’s expected return from March foot surgery..

“He’s a great experienced leader. He’s like another assistant coach. He just knows everything,” Thebudo said of Gibson after practice in Terry Town on Thursday. “He doesn’t make mistakes, he plays hard. He can defend every position. His shooting, really, he’s always been a good shooter from 15 to 17. [feet], But now he’s really comfortable shooting 3. He has done a lot of work in it.

“So I think that’s what good veterans do. He keeps adding to his game and he has done it.

Robinson, 23, and fellow center-back Nerlens Knoll, who suffers from knee and hamstring problems, have not appeared in any of the Knicks’ first three season games, although Thebodo said or both. Can wear clothes against the Wizards in the team’s final tune-up on Friday night. Against the Celtics on Wednesday before the regular season opener.

Taj Gibson goes to the basket during the Knicks' pre-season win over the Pistons.
Taj Gibson goes to the basket during the Knicks’ pre-season win over the Pistons.
NBA through Getty Images

In addition to taking a look at the rogue center Jericho Sims, Thebudo provided starter minutes to Gibson, who signed a two-year, 10.1 million contract over the summer.

“My preparation is always the same. I always bring practical energy. I always do my basics, so I’m always ready,” said Gibson, who won Wednesday’s pre-season piston win. Got 21 points in 31 minutes with nine rebounds and two block shots. “I know that once I’m in court, my defense will always be there. I can always count on my defense.

Most of the time, I just try to do something that I know can affect the game.

The 36-year-old Brooklyn native is influencing the results of 12 NBA season games, and will enter the league in his 13th year as his seventh-year player, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and the Elders. Others behind names (if 41-year-old Adonis Haslim makes a hat roster, Gibson will be the eighth oldest)

“As far as my mindset goes, it’s really like I’m still the same guy,” Gibson said. “As soon as I joined the league, I was already bigger than most bullies. I always had to adapt differently.

“So every day I had a sponge and was sucking information. Now that I’m a little older, I’m just taking revenge and taking a little more care of my body.

After playing only 31 games in 2020-21 due to hand and foot surgery, Gibson is voluntarily serving as Robinson’s mentor, entering his fourth NBA season معاہ and contract year ۔ Gibson said he often shares with Robinson stories about players he encounters or plays with, such as former Bell All-Star Joachim Noah.

It’s great to be with the crown. It’s no better than a crown, man, “said Robinson.” We actually talk a lot, a lot more than last year. He is helping me to come and to this day – especially since I used to walk and walk, he kept me mentally, mentally, upright. Dude, you have to appreciate the crown.

Of course, a healthy Robinson and Noel would likely spend less minutes for Gibson, who averaged 20.8 minutes over 45 last season.

“Our relationship, mostly boys, is not just. [Robinson]”With all the guys on the team, I try to work. We just build a good relationship as long as we work hard in practice,” Gibson said.

Asked if he believed Gibson would one day try his hand at coaching, Thebudo smiled and said: “I hope he will be an asset to any organization, and I hope I’m still around. I told him he could play another five or six years and then we would leave.