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1. Liz Truss indicated that she could abolish motorway speed limits.

Liz Truss has said she is open to making motorway speed limits advisory.

The Tory leadership front-runner told an audience of Conservative MPs at the final hustings at Wembley on Wednesday night that he was “ready” to introduce a German-style system of motorways with no speed limit. Read the full story.

2. Ryan Giggs case: Gary Neville cited for possible contempt of court over social media post

Gary Neville has been referred to the Attorney General for possible contempt of court over a social media post at 4am on the opening day of Ryan Giggs’ trial.

The post of Mr Giggs’ now business partner was brought to the judge’s attention on the third morning of the trial, which was due to start just six hours later. Read the full story.

3. Police officer prosecuted for having sex with drunk woman on duty ‘actually she was the victim’

A police officer accused of having sex with a drunken woman in his car while on duty after a disciplinary panel accepted he was actually the victim.

Former Avon and Somerset police sergeant Lee Coking, 41, was charged with misconduct in public office following the incident in the early hours of Christmas Eve 2017. Read the full story.

4. PM’s new German-made car means the end of the road for the ‘buy British’ tradition

After finding no British replacement for the current fleet of Jaguars, the Prime Minister has routinely moved around in the German-made car.

The Metropolitan Police has reportedly ordered a batch of bulletproof Audi A8s, marking the first time a non-British-designed model has been used by No.10. Read the full story.

5. Hungary brags about new Russian gas deal with Vladimir Putin

Hungary boasted on Wednesday that it had signed a new gas deal with Vladimir Putin as it celebrated Ukraine’s blocking of calls for a total ban on Russian tourists entering the European Union.

Many European governments, including Germany, have expressed their determination to end dependence on Russian gas. Many are rationing if the Kremlin shuts off the taps in response to Western sanctions. Read the full story.

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