Residents are hoping anti-social behavior will soon come to an end after a gate was given the go-ahead in Brighton’s nightmare street.

Pool Passage couple Hughie and Chris O’Neill have witnessed s*x, suspected drug taking, vandalism and vile verbal abuse in the narrow street outside their home.

Brighton and Hove City Council was initially reluctant to help, Hughie said, after the couple’s ordeal for two years.


Hughie and Chris O’Neill have endured antisocial behavior outside their home for years.


But after six months of persistent campaigning by The Argus, the city council has ordered a public space ban which will see a lockable gate at the southern entrance to Pool Passage.

Hughie said: “Residents would like to thank The Argus for their campaign and support, as well as councilors Tom Drott and Alex Phillips and our MP Caroline Lucas for their help and guidance. As well as the police who patrolled the area with residents. has been very active in helping and getting the gate approved.


“We are very pleased with the results,” added Hughey, on behalf of the newly formed Pool Passage Residents Association.

“A gate will reduce and deter crime and help the community feel safer and less threatened. Residents are always on high alert and fearful of what they might encounter in passing.


The Argus: A recent episode saw Hughie being pushed against boxes in the street.A recent episode saw Hughie being pushed against boxes in the street.

“Gating can prevent antisocial behavior, assaults on residents, vandalism, drug dealing, urinating, defecating, vomiting, graffiti, s*xual acts, blood and needles on the floor, yelling, and general antisocial behavior. Help will come.”

The council’s tourism, equality, communities and culture committee made the decision at its meeting on September 15.

Argus: The plans show where the gate will be built.The plans show where the gate will be built.

Consultation with area residents and businesses generated overwhelming support for the gate.

“There was no expression of opposition to the proposal from households or other consultants,” the report said.

“Residents’ testimony is supported by crime and incident data from Suss*x Police which shows a substantial under-reporting of crime in Poole Passage, and a strong association with crime and anti-social behavior in Poole Valley. relationship, which shows what the location of the proposed gate would be. Helping to disrupt activities and provide protection to residents and traders along the pool crossing.”

Warning: graphic images of s*xual acts in the pool passage

The city council said the gate pole passage is expected to be installed in the next few weeks, although an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

The gate will be closed between 7pm and 9am each day – opening and closing will be the responsibility of residents.

Councilors Tom Drott and Alex Phillips recently pledged £1,500 towards the project.

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