Tiny Homes opens in Pinehouse Lake to provide safe, affordable housing

Vulnerable individuals and families in Pinehouse Lake will now have a place to call home.

Several partners have unveiled the Tiny Homes Phase 2 project, which includes six affordable tiny homes for rent to those who qualify.

Pinehouse Housing Corporation (PHC) operates a two-story building located at 753 Sanderson Pl., in the northern village of Pinehouse.

According to the announcement, two one-bedroom apartments are available to individuals and four two-bedroom apartments are available to vulnerable households, including women with children fleeing domestic violence, separated families seeking reunification, or single-parent households.

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PHC along with partners George Chahal, MP for Olx Praca Skyview, on behalf of Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion, and Athabasca Assemblyman Jim Lemegre, on behalf of the Minister of Human Services and Minister in Charge of the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC ) Jean Makowski announced the grand opening on June 22, 2022.

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“The Saskatchewan government is proud to be part of this important project that offers safe and stable housing to vulnerable individuals and families in Pinehouse Lake,” Lemigre said.

“Through our partnership with Pinehouse Housing Corporation and Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, families in need have the opportunity to live in an affordable home that helps them raise their families, plan for the future and build lives in their community.”

The total cost of the project was $637,700 from the Government of Canada through the National Housing Co-Investment Fund and the Affordable Housing Investment Agreement (IAH) with the Government of Saskatchewan.

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The PHC director said the project is one of many initiatives to improve living conditions and housing affordability in their community.

“PHC is focused on creating healthy and energy efficient homes. We know that lower utility bills have a direct impact on the financial solvency of residents,” Konrad Misponas said.

“We look forward to working with SHC on future projects that bring our country and province closer to the common goal of meeting the housing needs of Indigenous communities, and Pinehouse North Village closer to its goal of providing adequate housing for all members of the community. “.

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