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Tim Patrick's work ethic, low-mindedness, made him a pillar of the Broncos recipient. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Tim Patrick’s work ethic, low-mindedness, made him a pillar of the Broncos recipient.

Tim Patrick's work ethic, low-mindedness, made him a pillar of the Broncos recipient.

Before Tim Patrick could present himself as a sure hand in Denver, he overcame the worst stigma facing the recipient.

“People didn’t think he could get caught,” said Zane Eisney, the Broncos’ wide-out coach, “and he’s got them wrong.”

The proof is in the equation of time and sweat. Patrick spent 2017 in the practice squad, and then the last three plus seasons, respecting his point of view, often caught 200 balls a day before and after practice.

While bootstrapping the Broncos’ initial lineup route, those suspicions about Patrick’s hands disappeared. Wide Out has not dropped a pass since his rookie year, and in the last three seasons he has scored the league’s best 123 goals without a drop.

“He plays with this chip on his shoulder,” said quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. “(He’s proud) to be an immovable man. When you look at Tim, he’s always there – if not the last man – one of the last guys off the field. Every day, he’s here (assistants).” He is getting a pass from post-practice. There are some small reasons why he is succeeding on Sunday. He understands that what we are asking him is a competitor. Once things are collected, you arrive on Sunday and you release it.

Behind Patrick’s reliable chain. A low mindset I grew up with the NFL’s way of coping. No wonder the Broncos feel confident in Patrick because with No. 1 receiver Courtland Sutton, a pair Denver needs more than ever after injuring Jerry JD and KJ Himmler.

“He’s caught 50/50 balls, and caught the balls inside the hash and inside the numbers,” said coach Vic Fungio. “Tim is a great NFL receiver.”

After receiving. Baltimore and San Francisco cut in 2017, Patrick landed in the Broncos practice squad for the last 11 games of the season. Eisenhower recalled a crude but talented player in 2018, who showed his talent in special teams but “had no clue” about the details of being a professional footballer.

“In three games, he was dying and he was like his own shell,” Eisenhower said. “I didn’t eat well, I didn’t sleep, I just didn’t understand what it needed. So on Week 4 I’m like, ‘Dude, why does Tim look so lazy?’ Well, he lost eight pounds because he didn’t eat and slept well.

But Patrick is “completely different now” because he has emerged as a reliable pillar in the vast Broncos room. After 51 catches and six touchdowns for 742 yards in 2020, Patrick has 12 catches and two TDs for 174 yards through three games this season, duplicating his 14.5 yards / catch average.