If you want to see a low-information Democrat voter’s head explode, ask them this simple question:

“Who did you vote for in 2020?”

It’s been a long time since anyone, even in full-blown cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, puffed out their chests and proudly declared: “I’m with Brandon!”

Until recently, however, many Democrats could somehow avert their eyes from the dystopian dysfunction and destruction wrought by their hero (or the assisted living facility that is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). .

Somehow he managed to explain his temporary insanity by saying in November 2020, “But… Trump!” or some variation thereof.

However, buyer’s remorse is currently sweeping the deep blue pits of the trust-funded and non-working class as well. Even Democrat operatives with press passes are finding it harder than ever to trot out the weakest defenses of dementia Joe Biden. This is why they cringe when you ask them:

“Who did you vote for in 2020?”

It’s now my go-to question in some social situations, at least if I want to end the conversation immediately. Last week, I was doing a radio show with an affiliate of mine, and I asked the 90-year-old host who she voted for.

“You asked me before!” he grumbled. “I don’t have to answer that! This is not Nazi Germany!

Nazi Germany? I asked him who he voted for, and suddenly I’m not a fascist or even a quasi-fascist (as Brendan described to The Americans last month). I’m a Nazi.

Less than two weeks before the mid-term elections, they have been so disappointed. Democrats are becoming more and more unhinged.

Just last week, the MSDNC host was saying that if you’re talking about inflation, you have to be a Nazi, because inflation was a big problem in Germany during the Weimar Republic before you knew it. Who occupied the country? 1933.

Of course, the highest percentage of the vote the National Socialists received in Germany (for which they were actually named) was about 33 percent. In the latest US poll, 89% of voters say inflation is a big problem.

That means, by today’s official media standards, a huge number of Nazis are waiting to vote on November 8th – or perhaps right now, this morning, in a city or town hall near you.

Now their argument is that if Democrats lose, democracy dies. Their way or highway.

And even asking them who they voted for two years ago is… moving. This is hate speech. They will then go to court to get cease and desist orders against any mega-MAGA Republican who dares to ask.

“Who will you vote for in 2020?”

They would call it an existential threat to democracy. They would describe it as … voter suppression. Am I right, Stacey Abrams?

It’s been a tough week for those deadbeat hippies and the non-working classes. A court stayed the cancellation of student loans as long as they were contractually obligated to pay, but again, perhaps, more appeals are pending.

In the meantime, though, how will young Democrats pay for their new tattoos, or next weekend’s weed?

But why are Democrats now reluctant to declare their allegiance to the Democratic Party? They are getting exactly what they voted for – good and hard, as HL Mencken once said. Biden himself bragged to someone from the MSNBC Amen Chorus last week:

“I have more concrete experience than any president on the issues facing the country, both in foreign policy and domestic policy.”

Of course he does. He raved about how he canceled those hundreds of billions in student loans after a vote in Congress – except there was no vote.

He said Republicans in Congress were taking advantage of the PPP’s Covid relief loans, and one of them actually “cashed a check for $187 million (of) relief that I forget the exact number.”

May we refer to you on this, Mr. President? A Republican member of Congress received $187 million in covid welfare? (I think he probably meant Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, whose name he can never remember. Her business got $183,000, not $187 million.)

Numbers are not his strong suit, to put it mildly. Biden likes to brag about his legislative accomplishments.

“A once-in-a-generation investment, over a billion 200 trillion 200 billion dollars. It’s called the Law of Bilateral Infrastructure.”

That’s a lot of money. It’s amazing that inflation is so low with so much ridiculous money being put into circulation.

Do you see why so many Democrats don’t want to talk too much about those glorious days of November 2020?

On Monday, Biden saluted Kamala Harris — “the highest-ranking black woman of Indian background to become vice president in U.S. history.”

Then he greeted Kamala: “Happy birthday to a great president!”

It wasn’t the first time he had done this either.

He also wants to outlaw ammunition with “more than eight shots in a round.” That’s what Brandon calls “common sense” gun law reform. Mr. President, could you put those eight bullet rounds into one of those “AR-14s” you talked about on the campaign trail?

Did you realize, Joe Biden is in the record books because he won 81 million votes less than two years ago. And even today, the fastest way to clear a room for Democrats is to ask this simple question:

“Who did you vote for in 2020?”