Dear Miss Manners: My sister-in-law of almost 40 years has always kept information about her life very close to her vest. Recently it has gotten worse.

She doesn’t talk about her new car (when asked, she’ll just say “it doesn’t have leather seats”), her new computer, their whole new heating system, the work they’ve done. had on their deck, even on their vacations or weekend getaways. Our work is nothing.

Now the same is the case with my nephew. I live relatively far from most of my family, so I can understand my nephew not sharing a lot of things with me. But you’d think his wife would say something about her job, her friends, her parents, her daughter’s daycare, some – if not me, then her husband’s parents, aunts, Something from uncle etc.

Instead, she sits at the table like, “Just talk to him. I’m busy contemplating my navel.”

I’m guessing there’s a millennial etiquette book that tells new wives, “You have nothing to do with your husband’s family – let him deal with them,” but I don’t like that. Besides, I’d hate to see it go on for another 20 years.

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