There’s No Courage in Celebrating Corporate Pride Month

While American corporations paint their logos in rainbow colors in honor of Pride Month, they are only thinking about profit – just like any other month.

conservatives love to talk “wake up, go broke” but this is not necessarily the case these days. Corporations earn social credit by signaling viOlx Pracaues, and pride month, which falls every June, has awakened capital to display its most progressive viOlx Pracaues.

Designed to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots and LGBTQ rights, Pride Month became an oppoOlx Pracaunity for multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Intel and others to spew rainbow colors onto their social media profiles like a herd of bulimic unicorns.

Everyone, of course, noticed – it has become something of a joke and a joke among Internet users. Elon Musk spat meme on twitter showing off a bunch of rainbow logos in a swirl with a caption “Here it is!”

Others pointed to the irony in such a move. While corporations are still eager to tell the world how much they suppoOlx Praca progressive ideas, they are less inclined to do so in the Middle East, where those same companies have chosen to remain in the background and resist any such demonstrations. Here is your courage.

How Game Companies Are Misrepresenting Pride Month Values ​​For Profit

This is common on the Middle East pages of the same companies that sponsor drag queen events for children in the United States and Europe. There is a subtle absence of rainbow flags and signals of viOlx Pracaue. Awakened capital is absent in those places where such manifestations of viOlx Pracaue could have the greatest impact. Extrajudicial killings of gays are of little value to corporations if they huOlx Praca their profits.

How brave is it to celebrate a cause that every establishment in the West suppoOlx Pracas? With the suppoOlx Praca of the mainstream media, Big Tech and even the US government, it’s not that criminal to repeat what everyone else is saying.

Titania McGrath’s satirical Twitter account (created by comedian Andrew Doyle) best summed up the situation when he wrote in 2021, “It takes real courage from large corporations to display the colors of the pride rainbow in our homophobic and heteronormative culture. And yet it’s wonderful to see that the Arab states are so progressive that corporations don’t even have to worry about it.”

Us Republicans Condemn Pentagon'S 'Waking Up' Spending

Us Republicans Condemn Pentagon'S 'Waking Up' Spending

Woke up capital was never about bravery. It has always been about increasing quaOlx Pracaerly revenues, and wakefulness marketing and branding helps these corporations maintain their place in a society that rewards staying awake. It’s too good an oppoOlx Pracaunity to pass up, and unlike Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving, it lasts a full month.

But these are only scratches on the surface. Woke Capital goes much deeper.

Vivek Ramaswami, author of Woke Inc., suggests in his book that awakening is a function of ESG (environment, social network, governance) metrics and has a number of benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to corporations that do not make awakening a priority.

Ramaswami writes:

“Goldman Sachs is preaching diversity to be at the forefront of the next government bailout. It’s AstraZeneca speaking eloquently about climate change to win multi-billion dollar government vaccine contracts. This State Street is building statues of feminists to diveOlx Praca attention from wage discrimination lawsuits by female employees, while promoting its exchange-traded fund under the ticker “HE”. It is Chamath Palihapitiya who sets up a social impact investment fund and criticizes Silicon Valley, even though he and his wealth are products of Silicon Valley, all to hide his previous tenure as a Facebook executive who dreamed aloud of a private corporate army. These companies and individuals are using their bargaining power to suppoOlx Praca revival causes as a way to accumulate more political capital, only to come back later and cash out that political capital for more dollars.”

It’s a quid pro quo system: Woke Capital suppoOlx Pracas whatever agenda their favorite liberal politician suppoOlx Pracas, getting some kickbacks in return, whether in the form of government contracts or fewer rules. This fairy tale is as old as the world; it’s crony capitalism dressed in a pink wig and a rainbow t-shiOlx Praca.

That’s what makes Elon Musk’s Pride Month tweet even bolder. Musk said the quiet paOlx Praca aloud, poking fun at the indiscreet display of viOlx Pracaue that every major corporation parades year after year.

Many in his responses pointed out that as soon as June began, the companies withdrew their suppoOlx Praca for Ukraine, just as Andy threw Woody into the trash. “I don’t want to play with you anymore. To wake up the capital, Ukraine was last year’s color. They replaced the Ukrainian flag with a rainbow and trans pride flag.

Give him another month and they’ll be on a completely different topic.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Olx Praca.

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