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The Yankees' rally becomes shorter. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The Yankees’ rally becomes shorter.

The Champagne will stay on the ice for at least another night in the Bronx, although the Yankees now have only two days left to pop it.

Entering Friday night with a chance to win the wild card – need a win elsewhere and need some help – the Yankees didn’t get it as they fell to the Reds 4-3 despite trying a wild return in the ninth inning.

Behind them in the AL Wildcard race, the Red Sox beat the Citizens to climb into a game behind the Yankees. To survive the next day, the Blue Jays also topped the Orioles, trailing the Yankees in two games. The Mariners, who tied the Red Sox for the second wild card to start the day, played late against the Angels, although the Yankees will not be harmed on Friday night.

Reese (99-61) took a 2-1 lead in the ninth inning, but Domingo Germain ran a pair of batsmen who eventually came to score Vander Franco’s two-run single on Albert Ebrew to breathe at 4. Room to be provided. 1.

Nestor Cortes.
Corey Spaken

It turned out to be huge at the bottom of the innings, when the Yankees (91-69) finally showed some life aggression. Giancarlo Stanton tore an out double, finished third on defensive indifference and then scored on a single from Joey Gallo – shifting the third base line perfectly and under four men outfield.

After cracking a single from Geo Archila, Brett Gardner put another single in the right field to score Gallo and make it 4-3.

But the injured Gary Sanchez and Rogand Odor, who started to replace the injured DJ Lee Mahio (hip), both attacked Andrew Cattridge to end the game.