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The Yankees paid tribute to the Bronx - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The Yankees paid tribute to the Bronx

The Yankees returned home on Friday with a glimpse of their good fortune, with the full display of the Brunswick Turtle’s newfound fame.

Luis Severino, Joey Gallo, Tyler Wade and Rugand Oder were among the Yankees wearing “Bronxie” T-shirts while practicing batting. There was a picture of a turtle in a navy blue shirt with a belly strap, which the Yankees pointed to after the big hit. But the T-shirts did not lead to wins and wild cards. The Yankees fell 4-3..

Wearing a 'Bronxie' T-shirt during pre-game workouts before a 4-3 loss to the Yankees.
Luis Severino was one of the Yankees who wore a “Bronxie” T-shirt during a pre-game workout before beating the Bombers 4-3.
Corey Spaken

The Yankees are 8-2 as Nestor Curtis Jr. bought the little turtle at the Bronx Pet Store last week, as ESPN first reported. The Bronx traveled to Boston last weekend, where the Yankees swept the Red Sox, but did not cross international boundaries for the series against the Blue Jays in Toronto.