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The Yankees didn't make the playoffs easy - until the very end. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The Yankees didn’t make the playoffs easy – until the very end.

Curse of the Yankees

Although I’m not big enough to attend the opening of the 1955 Broadway Musical with this title, I’m sure they were fans of other teams who used the adjective to describe the Bronx ball club. , Okay fine?

After all these years, the most popular baseball franchise now defiles its supporters in early October.

Yes, the 2021 Yankees respected the circuit path that brought them here, Friday night was reduced. A group of rays is only half trying., 4-3 at Yankee Stadium., After a furious ninth-inning rally that allowed the Red Sox and Blue Jays to land on the obsessive American League wild card race. He took a late break, however, when the Mariners lost 2-1 to Angels in Seattle, to make sure that even in the worst of circumstances, he would play a tiebreaker on Monday (which means Gerrit Cole will almost certainly not pitch on Sunday at short rest).

“That time of year,” said Aaron Bone. “There is a problem. We have to turn the page quickly and see you later tomorrow.

Anthony Rizzo came out of the Yankees’ defeat on Friday.
Corey Spaken

As in many contests this season, especially the first ones, the Yankees’ hitters ultimately failed to help their horses. By the time the dam broke, Bonn had used many of his improved support weapons to keep the deficit at 2-1. Domingo German (pitching for the first time since July 31) and Albert Abreu.o Give up a pair of insurance runs at the top of the ninth inning. The German walked with two boys and Abreu presented a two-run single.

No, I don’t think Bone should have used Chad Green or Arrolds Chapman in the past, not after standing up on Thursday and with cushions in the stands. Lefty Lucas Lotz, instead of right-handed Abreu, against Randy Orozerina and Franco, or just to start ninth? Of course, maybe. In any case, these mistakes made the final comeback difficult, and to the credit of the Yankees, they came close. He hit two in the ninth, and Andrew Cattridge of Tampa Bay put a tying run on the second out before Gary Sanchez (pinching for Kill Higashoka) and Rognade Gand (filling the third base of the unavailable DJ Limahiyo). Disappointing the announced crowd of 41,469.

With the rays established as AL’s top seed and unable to achieve World Series home field leverage on any national league institution, their only competitive impetus came from respecting the Yankees’ plight.

Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash said before the game: “I don’t see that we’ll really manage in a different way. We’ll see the workload of our pitcher. We definitely don’t run players in our position on the ground. Will. Brandon. [Lowe] Closed today, he will be back there. [Saturday]. But you want to respect the game, that’s for sure. We will respect the game, the situation, what is at stake for all these teams.

The key phrase there was not the first, but the second. Cash saw the workload of his pitcher. Starter Shane McClahan, likely to be in the team’s playoffs, made his debut on September 25 against the Marlins with five innings and 84 pitches. This time, despite being fully capable, he lasted only three innings and 43 pitches.

Yet always the symbol of those rays, and occasionally the Yankees, the four Tampa Bay reliever’s kanga line did its best to save the small (mostly game) lead against the Yankees starter and the loser Nestor Cortes Jr. ۔ Card lead is too small.

So we got to another character test for the Yankees group that took a lot and kept the number of their fans through the ringer in a way that some of the most competitive teams we’ve ever seen.

“We control our destiny, which certainly won’t convince you,” said Joey Gallo.

Is your blood pressure rising? Can’t sleep Welcome to Yankees Fandom in 2021. Are you cursed if you give up on them, or cursed if you are not? They will keep guessing at us, it seems, until the last pitch.