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The way a homeowner is prevented from walking on his lawn has gone viral - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The way a homeowner is prevented from walking on his lawn has gone viral

No trespassing sign on yard

Homeowners can relate to the feeling of Thomas Lyons, a tic-tac-toe user who shared his unique way of preventing people from walking on his lawn.

Lyons shared footage of their newly installed automatic sprinkler system, which detects the sound of alarms before people walk on the lawn and go under them.

“When people won’t stop mowing your lawn,” he wrote, sharing footage of people walking down the aisle in front of him, sitting on the side of the road.

Receiving 38 million views after posting on September 23, he suggested “install an automatic sprinkler.”

The video showed footage of September 22 and with passionate music the youngsters were seen suddenly getting wet after walking across the lawn. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

As shown in the second uploaded video, an alarm is sounded as well.

Can video Here too can be seen in full.

Last week, Lyons showed how effective the sprinkler system has been with pre- and post-footage.

Before spraying, people walked and cycled freely in the yard both day and night. Later, in the footage of September 23 and 26, people suddenly ran away from the courtyard.

According to Lyons, the owner of the house, he had previously said “stay well off the lawn every day, but people keep coming.”

Lyons promised that “we are getting a lot of these videos,” in a comment, after confirming that his “friend” had recently installed the system.

With a total of 42 million views in all three videos, they shared their opinions on whether the system was called or not.

One user wrote, “I like this level of crap. This is your lawn, customize it.”

One spectator commented, “I don’t understand. I was raised to never walk in someone’s yard. Especially a stranger.”

One sidewalk is 10 feet away. Constant walking on the grass will kill him and this is literally someone’s front yard.

“Someone in our yard did that. Our dog tried to sue us before he dug in and he had a fractured ankle. Keep spraying them,” said one user with a story.

However, others online felt that automatic spraying was too far away, one user wrote: “Never understood why walking on the lawn is such a bad thing. It’s grass.”

Another added, “Let these kids come home a minute faster.”

One user recalled, “Mowing has saved me from missing the bus many times

One onlooker commented, “What’s wrong with crossing lanes, it’s kind of rude to do that, especially if I need to go faster without access to cars.”

Despite the divided opinion, for some, the videos have been a lot of fun. The Lions have promised more to come.

Newsweek Contact Thomas Lyons for comment.

There is no violation on the yard.
Stock image “no illegal” mark. A homeowner has installed an automatic sprinkler system that detects people walking across the lawn before detecting them.
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