Dear Abby: I’ve read your column for years, often taking the advice you give others and applying it to my own situation.

I have developed a mutual relationship with a woman who is 30 – 28 years younger than me. She is a waitress at a diner I frequent.


I have watched her children grow up over the last six or seven years. We have had many meaningful conversations and shared our highs and lows. He is naturally friendly.

Three or four years ago, when I got there, he started getting casual hugs. I never ask them. Over the past year, these hugs have gotten deeper—not s*xual, just a deeper bond of friendship. We IM occasionally when she’s away from work, but I don’t see her socially.


Lately she’s been teasing that she’ll be my next ex. I respond to teasing and teasing. I believe there is a mutual attraction. If not for the age difference, which I’m fine with, or the fear of causing problems in our friendship, I would ask her out.

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