The US Commission says that Iran’s media campaign against religious minorities is ongoing.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom said in a new report on Monday that Iran’s government is continuing its disinformation campaign against minority religions.

The commission, which is tasked by Congress with reporting on issues of freedom of religion or belief abroad, says Iran’s rulers have chosen to label religious minorities as a threat to national security rather than engage in religious debate. let’s try.

The USCIRF document indicates that Baha’is appear to be the main target of Iranian media attacks.

Report author Shaheen Milani, executive director of Iran’s Human Rights Documentation Center, said Iran’s “campaign against the Baha’is continues its longstanding accusations of political influence and conspiracy.”

Iranian media have published or aired numerous videos attacking the Baha’is, a relatively new religion that originated in Iran in the 19th century.

Followers of the faith, which advocates tolerance of all religions, are accused in Iranian media of plotting to overthrow the government.

Along with the media campaign against the Baha’is, Christian converts in Iran are also the target of the media, Mr. Milani said, despite a ruling by the Iranian Supreme Court Branch 28 that neither promoting Christianity nor establishing a house church is allowed. Doing is a crime.

In contrast to Armenian and Assyrian Christians, Islam-Christian Dialogue Association secretary Alam Hojatul Islam Kashani said in an interview, “What is being promoted as Christianity today is not traditional Christianity, but it is evangelism and Colonialism is Christianity. In fact, evangelical Christianity is not a religion at all. It is based on a policy toward colonialism.”

Other groups targeted for media misinformation were the Gonabadi Dervishes, who are claimed to be “political pawns” used by powers abroad, and Sunni Muslims, the report said. , whose faith is regularly insulted by the majority Shia community.

According to USCIRF, the report “reveals Iran’s systematic campaign to deny freedom of religion or belief to groups that do not conform to the regime’s sole interpretation of Jafari Shia Islam.”

The commission said it recommended that the State Department designate Iran as a “country of particular concern” because of its “ongoing, systematic and serious violations of religious freedom.”

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