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The unvaccinated bride spent her wedding day in the hospital on a ventilator before she died of coyote. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The unvaccinated bride spent her wedding day in the hospital on a ventilator before she died of coyote.

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An unsafe Kentucky woman spent her wedding day on a ventilator for the treatment of covid 19. She later died three weeks later.

Samantha Wendell, 29, was engaged to be married to Austin Esquee on August 21. Fox 11. It started as a mild cough that got worse, and it developed into a strain. Wendell was finally admitted to the hospital on August 9 and later transferred to a larger facility and placed on a ventilator.

“She broke down in the first place because of all the pressure of planning a wedding and what is happening,” Esqu said. “He had it before and thought it was the same, but I told him, ‘You know, just to dismiss it, if your work is tested, see if they will let you test.’ ۔ ‘ ‘

Both Wendell and Esquire were unsafe. Due to the variety of Delta spreads, they had arranged meetings before their marriage to get a job, but Wendell’s positive assessment halted their plans.

Wendell was the only one of 11 women to attend her bachelor’s party who contracted the virus. Esquire also had a positive experience, but it became a mild case that declined rapidly.

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A bride is treating COVID-19 by spending her wedding day on a ventilator. In this photo, a nurse at the University Hospital Monklands disposes of medical waste on February 5, 2021 at the ICU ward in Airdrie, Scotland.
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Wendell was found to have “dangerously low” levels of oxygen upon admission to the hospital and was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia shortly thereafter. By September 6, he was found to be negative for COVID and was allowed to see his loved ones during normal visiting hours. The doctors were hopeful that she would succeed.

However, on September 9, a CT scan revealed that he had large wounds all over his lungs.

“And at the time, there was no chance of him surviving,” Esqu said. He was taken off the ventilator and died the next day. His last rites were performed on September 18.

Esquie admitted that she and her fianc had not been vaccinated due to misinformation. Wendell was particularly reluctant to listen to false claims that pills were causing women to become infertile.

“At one point, I’m sure it came from a friend of hers. Truth be told, it could have been something she saw. Facebook Because it pops up everywhere, but it was about the loss of fertility, “said Esqu. Fox 11. “We wanted to make a family. That’s why we were hesitant at first.”

Emerged as one of the infertility. Important false stories Like most vaccine misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, it is thought to have initially spread on social media. COVID-19 is known to be more harmful to any pregnancy than any other vaccine, as is the case with pregnant women. Experienced the increase in eternal birth. Caused by a virus.

Experts point to the pregnancy statistics of patients who took part in the trials. Pfizer. To disprove such claims, 23 women became pregnant during the vaccine experiments. Only one of them lost her pregnancy, but she was in the placebo group.

“People who are on the fence, especially if they are in the same position as I was, but if someone is on the fence, and doesn’t really care about one way or the other, why leave him,” Esqu said. ” .

A GoFundMe page. The SQ has been set up to help pay medical bills. By Tuesday evening, it had reached its 5,000 target.