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The SF Giants won on Kevin Gausman's Walk of Sacrifice Fly. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The SF Giants won on Kevin Gausman’s Walk of Sacrifice Fly.

The SF Giants won on Kevin Gausman's Walk of Sacrifice Fly.

SAN FRANCISCO – The last time Tyler Rogers stopped a ball game for the Giants, Donovan Solano was watching a game from a Manhattan hotel room on the first night of a 10-day quarantine.

Despite being fully vaccinated, Solano had just tested positive for COVID-19 and was dealing with flu-like symptoms that kept him away from the ball park and away from the baseball diamond, along with his teammates.

At Oracle Park on Friday, Rogers and Solano were both back in the spotlight, but for various reasons, a Giants club that won the Walk in Sacrifice 6-5 in 11 innings, starting Thursday’s Kevin Gossman Not from anyone else.

After placing Jack McGee on the 10-day injured list on Friday with right-sided tension, Giants manager Gabby Kepler temporarily approached Rogers and met him on his first rescue since Aug. 26. ۔ As Braves sluggers Austin Riley and Adam Dowell recorded back-to-back singles thrown by Rogers in the first two pitches.

Riley set the stage for Braves catcher Travis de Arnaud to stun the Oracle Park crowd when he picked up a high, flyball for a three-run home run to advance to the left field seats. The home run should have given the Giants a chance to extend their lead over the Dodgers in the National League West, which they lost hours before the Reds, but Kepler had yet to bring Solano into the game.

Near the Braves, Will Smith recorded consecutive outs to open the bottom of the ninth before Solano, who turned Friday, came off the bench on his first bat in more than three weeks. Pinching for Tommy La Stella, Solano sent a line drive over the left field wall to level the game 5-5 and revive the Giants in a game that was in the hands of the Braves.

For most of Friday’s game, the Giants were ready to win the comeback as they trailed 2-0 in the first innings before responding quickly. Left-fielder Darren Rove took the lead of the walk against right-hander Ian Anderson before furry baseman Brendon Belt blew the home run into the right field arcade.

The belt was caught by a fan for the 26th home run of the season and the 15th since the All-Star break, who made an impressive leap wearing the jersey of another well-known giants first baseman, JT Snow. While the back of the jersey represented the name Snow, the fan was clearly a big supporter of the belt as he used black electrical tape to create a temporary “C” on his jersey as the belt wore last Friday. What happened on the road in Wrigley Field?

The Giants took the lead in the second when Crawford sent a line drive to the left center field wall to match the 21st homer of his career-best season. The solo shot regained control of the giants and allowed Webb to pitch with the lead, as the right-handed player did in the second half of the season.

Webb needed help from his own defense to get through the 1-2-3 sixth inning and was met by Crawford, who snatched a hopper at 110.1 mph in the hole between the third base and the shortstop. Austin Rally, the third base of the heroes. After making the snag, Crawford jumped to his feet and fired at the belt to complete one of the most impressive plays of his season, and Riley appreciated his batting helmet.

Despite allowing two runs on three hits in the first innings, Webb made another great start as he held the Giants without a goal in the next six frames, leaving just three more hits. The 24-year-old right-hander completed seven innings for the fifth time in his last seven starts and reduced his ERA to 2.79 this season.

After set-up Dominic Lyon’s 1-2-3 eighth inning, the Giants were ready to take a game on the Dodgers in the National League West, but De Arnaud and the Braves had other ideas.