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The SF Giants are on the verge of winning the NL West title as the magic comes in at No. 1. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The SF Giants are on the verge of winning the NL West title as the magic comes in at No. 1.

The SF Giants are on the verge of winning the NL West title as the magic comes in at No. 1.

SAN FRANCISCO – As the Giants clinched their franchise record with their 106th season victory at Oracle Park on Friday night, there was no dog pile at the clubhouse amidst diamond or champagne celebrations.

Pedres’ 3-0 victory brought the Giants (106-54) closer to their first National League West crown since 2012, but did not split for Gabe Kepler’s club.

The Dodgers ‘game took the Brewers 6-5 and they are still playing when Duclo Camilo Doval recorded his third save in four days, the giants’ magic number one to win the NL West.

A Dodgers team that has won eight consecutive division titles and 103 games this season is still alive in the NL West Race, but a late slip-up against Milwaukee could allow a late party at 24 Willie May Plaza on Friday. Is.

The Giants matched the 1904 New York Giants for the most wins in franchise history as starter Anthony de Sclafani threw five scoreless innings, Darren Rove hit the first innings home run and the Giants’ line-up committed a major offense. What led to the club’s seventh consecutive victory. .

The 33,975 crowd at the Dodgers Brewers Game in Los Angeles on Friday managed to please the giants. With right-hander Dominic Lyon in the seventh inning and the Giants 3-0 ahead, Bose’s chirping can be heard on the shores of McCoy Cove as the scoreboard is updated to reflect Game Tie Grand Slam Dodgers shortstop Triya Turner. has been. Brewers hit starter Eric Lauer in the fifth inning.

By winning Friday at Oracle Park, the Giants have guaranteed that they will complete their 162-game schedule to at least lead the NL West Division. A scene in which San Francisco loses its last two games to the Padres while the Dodgers win their last three matches against the Brewers will force teams to play Game 163 at Oracle Park on Monday to determine the division champions. ۔

The Giants attacked Pedres starter Pedro Ovila almost immediately as the second batsman in their lineup hit a laser 110.6 mph in the left field bleachers for a solo home run. Ruff made his 21st start against a right-handed pitcher this season, but Kepler said he and first baseman Wilmer Flores had the right to play against Chris Bryant on Friday because he recently I demonstrated on the plate. Day.

After Brendon Crawford’s throwing error and Wilmer Flores’ walk, the Giants increased their lead when Mike Easter Zemsky tried to check his swing on a 2-2 change from Ovila. Esther Zemsky failed to stop her bat from the strike zone as the eighth pitch of her bat hit her barrel and resulted in a single on the left field that brought Crawford home from the second base.

De Sclafani maintained a two-run lead over five scoreless innings as he ended the regular season with 31 starts with a 3.17 ERA, making 2021 the best season of his seven-year major league career.

The right-handed player took advantage of a well-positioned defense as third baseman Avon Longoria started the 5-6-3 double play in the third before Flores corralled a ground to the right of Anfield and Punch hitter defeated Tommy Pham. The first basis for trapping the runner in the fourth position.

The fourth inning was Pedres’ best chance to score against De Sclafani as catcher Victor Caratini launched a 419-foot flyball from deep right centerfield that would have cleared the outfield fence in 29 other major league parks, but The ball bounced off the bricks in Oracle Park and landed on the warning track as Keratini finished second with a double.

It was at this point that Pedres pulled Ovila for the form, and the giants took advantage of Flores’ well-positioned position from the first base line.

San Diego had another chance to join the board in the sixth, but a big mistake by Fernando Titus Jr. gave Pedres a chance to extend the innings against Giants lefty Jose Alvarez. After back-to-back singles, Eric Hausmer threw a ball over the third base line that bounced off the base and into the air. Tots, the lead runner, reached the third round in an attempt to score, but Longoria picked up the ball before tracking Pedres’ short stop between the third and home for the final outing inning.