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The patient says the pregnancy test was wrong. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The patient says the pregnancy test was wrong.

The patient says the pregnancy test was wrong.

Britney Gold received a nice bag for new mothers when she went to a clinic to confirm her pregnancy, then a few minutes later received the result of a blood test for thyranus which mistakenly identified an abortion. Gold on Tuesday sued Theresa founder Elizabeth Holmes in a criminal fraud case

Gold was the first of 11 patients prosecutors said he intended to call to testify in dozens of criminal cases in Holmes’ case.

Gold, from Arizona, was 24 years old when a home pregnancy test showed positive results and she went to Walgreens for a thrips test to measure a hormone that medical professionals can use to confirm and monitor pregnancy. Gold, a medical assistant, said he had seen a presentation from a Theranos representative at his clinic, and was impressed by what he saw as the low cost and convenience of the Palo Alto startup’s fingerprint blood testing. With a high insurance deduction and trying to keep his expenses low, he chose Theranos for his HCG hormone test in late 2014.

Holmes, who left Stanford University to start the Palo Alto Blood Testing Startup in 2003 at the age of 19, has been accused of soliciting millions of dollars from investors and defrauding doctors and patients. That the company’s machines can run. Full range of tests using a few drops of blood. He and his co-accused, former company president Sunni Balwani, have denied the allegations.

The jurors were told that Gold had already had three miscarriages when a home test showed she was pregnant. She testified that the results of her thyranus came when she was meeting with her nurse practitioner at another clinic where Gold was not employed. He showed that his HCG level was falling dramatically., Indications that she is having an abortion, she testified. She and the nurse practitioner discussed terminating the pregnancy, and also testified that she needed a follow-up test.

Prosecutor John Bostick showed the jury a series of five test results that Gold received. The first laboratory came from Giant Quest, the next two from Theranos, and the last two from Quest. Although Quest’s results indicate a healthy pregnancy, the results of the second Theranos showed a significant drop in HCG levels from the first Theranos test, her nurse practitioner Odra Zachman testified early Tuesday. “I remember talking to Britney, it seemed like it was an impractical pregnancy, which would be her fourth loss,” Zachman told the jury.

When Zachman complained to Theranos about the results, the company blamed an error in entering human data and sent a “strange” correct result that moved a decimal point but still Gold expressed concern about the pregnancy, Zachman testified. The jurors saw a letter from Thiranos, signed by Holmes ‘brother and Thiranos’ employee Christian Holmes, apologizing for the original mistake, saying “these mistakes are extremely rare.”

The last two quest tests showed normal results, Zachman testified, and Gold gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

During the interrogation, Zachman admitted that his clinic later accepted Theranos’ offer to assist in the 2015 research study. Holmes’ lawyer, Katie Traffs, asked Zachman if she remembered that after the study, her clinic began referring patients for theranos tests, but Zachman said she did not refer to anyone herself. Trefz asked if Zachman knew that his clinic had received about 20,000 therano test orders from September 2014 to October 2016, and Zachman said no.