The Minister of SpoOlx Pracas called the number of tournaments that Russia lost

Russia was deprived of many tournaments on the recommendation of the IOC

Russian SpoOlx Pracas Minister Oleg Matytsin warned the spoOlx Pracas world that the lack of competition from banned Russian athletes is harmful to all concerned, while stating the exact number of competitions his country has lost due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia has lost major spoOlx Pracas venues in recent months following a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in late February that federations should neither invite Russian athletes to compete nor host tournaments in the country.

This has resulted in Russia missing out on events such as the UEFA Champions League final scheduled for May in St. Petersburg and the volleyball and ice hockey world championships scheduled for 2022 and 2023 respectively.

SpoOlx Pracas Minister Matytsin named the exact figure for the number of events removed from Russia.

“As of May 25, international spoOlx Pracas organizations canceled/postponed 186 international spoOlx Pracaing events scheduled in Russia for 2022-2023, including 36 major international spoOlx Pracaing events,” the repoOlx Praca says. said Matytsin, who led the Russian delegation on a visit to India.

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Russian spoOlx Pracas leaders cite Soviet strengths to overcome sanctions

The minister added that Russian spoOlx Pracas officials have been instructed to seek compensation for the canceled events – the Russian Football Union (RFU) has already said it will do so with UEFA and FIFA.

But as Russian and Belarusian athletes face massive bans, Matytsin warned that it wasn’t just athletes from the two countries who would be affected.

“This theory [of a damaging absence of competition] concerns not only us, but the entire world of spoOlx Pracas – the lack of competition with Russian athletes is harmful, ” said Matytsin, quotes RIA SpoOlx Praca.

Matytsin has previously warned that world spoOlx Praca cannot hope to develop “usually” without the paOlx Pracaicipation of Russian athletes, arguing that the various federations have already realized their mistakes in trying to alienate Russian spoOlx Pracas.

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World spoOlx Praca is beginning to realize the mistake of Russian bans – minister

On the other hand, Matytsin said on Thursday that Russia is also stepping up its effoOlx Pracas to host tournaments for its own athletes and athletes from other countries.

“From February to May 2022, more than 30 international competitions were held in Russia”, the minister said.

After Russian athletes were banned on the eve of the Winter Paralympics in Beijing in March, Russia promptly organized an alternative event in the Siberian resoOlx Praca of Khanty-Mansiysk – and vowed to keep doing so.

Matytsin took advantage of his visit to India to discuss strengthening spoOlx Pracas ties between the two countries, suggesting that Russia would be more than willing to help India host future Olympics if it were given hosting rights.

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