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The Jets' initial safety game is a mystery to the Patriots. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The Jets’ initial safety game is a mystery to the Patriots.

Entering Sunday’s game against the Patriots is a bit of a mystery: who will protect the jets?

Lamarck Jr. lost for the season. When he tore the triceps muscle in last week’s loss. The problem for the Jets is that none of the players behind it have been here long. None of them were in the training camp with the team. Ashton Davis, who would be a favorite to fill, is on IR himself and is not eligible to return until Week 4.

Jonner’s replacements are Sheldrick Redwine, Adrian Colbert and Jarrod Wilson. Red Wine replaced Joiner in Carolina last week, but lost to Robbie Anderson’s 57-yard touchdown and was replaced by Colbert. Davis was signed to an active roster outside the practice squad this week.

“It’s difficult,” said Jeff Albright, the defense coordinator. “This is where a little less can help. At the same time, everything we do has such a high level of detail that it’s definitely a challenge.” We’re lucky. That there are really good coaches who have pigeons in deep end with these guys, and they are spending every extra moment with them and trying to catch them. So, it’s challenging, but I think coaches and guys Those who are being asked to run these jobs are ready for it.

Jets Defense Coordinator Jeff Alburch.
Jets Defense Coordinator Jeff Alburch.
Bill Costron / New York Post

Jets are dealing with injuries like very few other teams in the NFL. An example of this is how much money they have just tied up to the injured reserve.

Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cape crushed the numbers. The jets have an annual contract value of 37 37.97 million that is reserve-injured and physically incapacitated. It is second only to the Packers. Jets’ salary cap on IR and PUP is 34 34.98 million. It is second only to the Cowboys. He is second in the Cowboys in total players on the IR with 15. Dallas has 17.

Here’s a look at what crew used the jets in Week 1 against Carolina and what they did to them:

They used “11 personnel” – a back, a narrow head – on 35 snaps (53.9%) and ran four times with 31 passes.

They used “12 personnel” – one behind, two narrow ends – on 25 snaps (38.5%), running 12 times and passing 13 times.

They used “21 personnel” – two backs, one narrow head – on three snaps (4.6%), running twice and throwing once.

They used “13 personnel” – one behind, three narrow ends – on two snaps (3.1%), running once and passing once.

While digging further, the Jets ran two RPOs, eight Play Action Passes and two screens.