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The hit and run driver reportedly returned to the scene, hit the police officer and dragged his 50 feet. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The hit and run driver reportedly returned to the scene, hit the police officer and dragged his 50 feet.

Police Arrest Bride

Officers from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Police The department was investigating a hit and run in which a car hit a woman and her house. During the interrogation, the suspect returned to the scene and, when apprehended by an officer, struck the officer and dragged him about 50 feet from his vehicle.

according to a Facebook post. The officer, who was not identified, was investigating the area just after 8 p.m., according to the police department. The officer began asking Oates some questions before hitting the officer and dragging him onto the road.

“They managed to get back into the vehicle and dragged the officer about 50 feet and ran away from the officer’s leg, causing some serious injuries to his leg,” said Fightwell Police Department Sergeant Jeremy Glass. NBC Associated WRAL

Police arrested the bride.
A woman was arrested and charged after allegedly hitting and dragging a police officer out of her car. He also allegedly hit his grandmother’s house with his car early in the evening.
INA Fassbender / Getty Images

WRAL Reported Police were called in early because it was a domestic violence incident. Officers said Oates was visiting his grandmother but allegedly had a fight with her at her home. Oates was accused of hitting his grandmother’s house with his car while she was drunk. Her grandmother suffered minor injuries.

Fayetteville Observer. Officers reportedly tried to stop traffic when she was spotted, but she reportedly fled. Oates was questioned in the city center, police told the outlet. He has since been arrested and is facing several charges, including assaulting a government official with a deadly weapon, assaulting a law enforcement officer with serious injuries, killing a serious offender and running away. And escaped arrest.

It was held on a 153,500 bond.

Newsweek First Reported On the alleged hit and run in Vermont.

Just this week, police arrested a man after allegedly hitting and fleeing, attempting to rob his crossbow and chasing police in a stolen vehicle.

Ben Webb allegedly pulled over with a stranger, got out of his car and demanded the victim’s debit card while pointing to it. The victim ran away and called the police. Officers received another report of a robbery at a nearby convenience store and another police department report of an accident on the highway, but a green jeep fled the scene.

A green jeep was later told it was driving accidentally on the highway and its tire was missing. Eyewitnesses tried to block the web, but allegedly pointed to them before police intervened.

Webb started to run away but he got into the police car. He was taken into custody and treated at a hospital. According to the police statement, Webb took the jeep from his brother without permission.

Newsweek The Fayetteville Police Department was contacted for further comment but did not receive a response until press time.