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The group works to help one woman each month - Mercury News. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The group works to help one woman each month – Mercury News.

The group works to help one woman each month - Mercury News.

A woman who pays ڈالر 10 can buy another woman lunch. Ten women who pay ten dollars can buy other women’s groceries. One hundred women who pay ڈالر 10 can make a real difference in another woman’s life. This is the goal of a group of four Discovery Bay women who decided that they wanted to give back to the women of their community who are facing loss or hardship.

After hearing about the Helping One Woman (HOW) organization a few years ago, Brady Woolman decided that this was exactly what Discovery Bay needed. She enlisted the help of her three friends, Debbie Nelly, Shelley Williams and Janet Hemanway. Now four women are hosting a dinner for East County women who need a helping hand.

“We have dinner for the girls,” says Woolman. “We don’t talk much at dinner.” Our goal is for the community to enjoy sharing their time with each other.

Woolman says there’s no speaker at the dinner because it’s all about the woman he respects.

“People enjoy wine, dinner, they buy raffle tickets and participate in silent auctions.

Dinner is held every third Tuesday of the month, except November, when dinner is on the second Tuesday, and December when dinner is canceled due to holidays. This month’s dinner will honor Stephanie Fabil-Sergioto. Fabil-Sergioto is battling his third breast cancer battle. She recently lost her husband to cancer, but Woolman said you may not even know that Fable Sergiotto is quietly going through all the obstacles behind the scenes.

Tickets for dinner will be purchased until 1pm on October 14 [email protected] Or texting HOW on Facebook. Or on Instagram., And they will be shared with Fable-Sergio through Venmo. During dinner, the women host a silent auction to help raise money, so they look for items to donate to.

“We usually get all kinds of items, including gift cards, wine carts, dog training, photography sessions,” Woolman said. “Delta’s Gorsky Ranch and Soroptemist International make a beautiful basket for us every month.”

The group hosts a dessert auction for which participants can donate cookies, cakes and all kinds of delicacies. People interested in donating items can contact HOW at their email address above.

Women nominated as monthly recipients of the HOW dinner should not be without Discovery Bay. To be successful, Woleman says, the nominee needs to be close and there is a community of people who will help her. People who nominate someone attend dinner. Something new that HOW Discovery is working on is a community board that offers its services to the public, such as haircuts, lawn mowers, meals, dog walks, carpentry and more.

“The board is brand new, and we’re continuing it right now, but it allows people to help by making dinner for someone who wants to do more to help those in need,” Woolman said. ” The board was created by Katie Neely as part of the Eagle Scout Project, which volunteers for us each month.

Fire relief: Members of the Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church are planning a large yard sale at the church on 2200 Country Hills Drive on October 17 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The money they raise on yard sales will go directly.

Organizer Julie Hubbard said, “All items will be priced at ‘what you can do’, knowing they will help the fire victims.” “At the end of the sale, items will be provided free of charge.”

Donations for sale are welcome. Call 925-757-7337 for more information.

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