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The former Facebook manager alleges that the social network caused a capital uproar - The Mercury News. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The former Facebook manager alleges that the social network caused a capital uproar – The Mercury News.

The former Facebook manager alleges that the social network caused a capital uproar - The Mercury News.

Facebook shut down security measures to prevent premature misinformation, and Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in last year’s election to make money, a company whistleblower said. He was accused of taking part in a deadly attack on the US capital on January 6.

Frances Hagen, former Facebook product manager at Whistleblowers, also stressed in an exclusive interview that the “60 Minutes” broadcast on CBS on Sunday showed the flow of 2018 content in Facebook’s news feeds. The change helped bring people closer together as much as possible.

Despite the hostility that the new algorithms are playing, Facebook found that they helped people come back – a pattern that helped in Menlo Park, California, the company sells more and more digital ads that most Create ads.

“What I saw again and again on Facebook was that there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook,” he said after working at other Silicon Valley companies like Google in 2019. “I joined Facebook,” said Hagen. And Pinterest. And Facebook, again and again, chooses to improve its interests, such as making more money. ”

Facebook’s annual revenue has risen from 56 56 billion in 2018 to 11 119 billion this year, according to estimates by analysts surveyed by FactSet. Meanwhile, the company’s market value increased from 37 375 billion at the end of 2018 to about 1 1 trillion.

Even before the full interview came out, a senior Facebook executive was calling the whistleblower’s allegations “misleading.”

“Social media has had a huge impact on society in recent years, and Facebook is often the place where most of this debate takes place,” Nick Clegg, the company’s vice president of policy and public affairs, told Facebook employees on Friday. Gone written in a memo. “But the evidence that exists does not support the notion that Facebook or social media in general is the root cause of polarization.”

The “60 Minutes” interview sharpens the already prominent spotlight on Facebook as legislators and regulators around the world examine the immense power of social networking to shape opinion and its polarizing impact on society. Do

The reaction has intensified since the Wall Street Journal’s mid-September publication, which found that Facebook’s own internal research has concluded that the social network’s attention-seeking algorithm is promoting political dissent. I have helped and participated in mental health and emotional issues in young people, especially girls. After copying thousands of pages of Facebook’s internal research, Hagen leaked them to the journal to provide a basis for the succession of stories packaged as “Facebook files”.

Although Facebook claims that the magazine has selected the most damaging information in internal documents to expose the company to the worst possible possible, the revelations have led to indefinite delays in the release of a version of its popular children’s photo and video sharing app. Indicated. , Instagram. Facebook currently requires people to be at least 13 years old to open an Instagram account.

Clegg was already trying to overcome the consequences of a 1,500-word memo warning Facebook employees that whistleblower interviews would raise more difficult questions about the harmful effects of family and friends’ social networks. Can target

Then on Sunday morning, Clegg appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program in another premature attempt to soften the bomb shell that fell on “60 Minutes.”

“Even with the most sophisticated technology, which I’m sure we deploy the thousands of people we use on our platform to maintain safety and integrity,” Clegg told CNN. Are. ” Over 100% of the time. The reason, he said, is the “quick and automatic form of contact” on Facebook, adding, “I think we do more than any reasonable person would expect.”

Hagen, 37, has filed at least eight complaints with US securities regulators alleging that Facebook violated the law by withholding information about threats to its social network. Facebook could take legal action against him if he claims to have stolen confidential information from the company.

“No one is rude on Facebook,” Hu said in an interview. “But the incentives are wrong, right?” For example, Facebook makes more money when you use more content. People enjoy engaging in things that react emotionally. And the more anger they get, the more they talk and use. ”